Running a little late, I got to the studio 1 minute before class started. (Not recommended for showing up for the first time ever taking a new class). Being early 99% of the time, I was stressing out already. When I ran in the doors all flustered, the guy at the front desk was calming and was like it's ok lol I had to sign a form and I was good to go in. 

The room is set up just like the picture below - dark lighting and all. You are assigned one treadmill and one bench, each marked with the same number. 

We start on the treadmill working 1 minute interval runs lead by the Trainer. This is about a 10 minute interval from sets like:

  • 1 min jogging pace (level 6-8)
  • 1 min running pace (level 7-9)
  • 1 min sprinting pace (level 8-10+)
    ((repeat x 3))

Really awesome short H.I.I.T workout. Then we walk for about a minute / short cool down and head to the bench for similar training. Usually exercises targeted for that day's workout focus (Wednesday's are Chest, Back, & Abs) and our set looked something like this: 

  • 30 sec x2 (each side) bent over rows with heavy weight (20-30 lbs) 
  • 1 min overhead barbell extension laying on bench top 
  • 1 min standing back fly's 
  • 1 min push ups
    ((repeat x 2))

We headed back to the treadmill after this set and did incline running work / back to the bench for a different set of exercises (more ab work) / one last round of treadmill sprints / one last round of different exercises using the bench and smaller weights. 

At the end I. Was. Dead.

I am definitely hooked! I love that each day is a different target for the body. The typical Barry's week looks like this: 

Definitely the best workout I've had in a while. Very intense and competitive but also motivating from both the Trainer and participants! Everyone is on each other's team fighting for their personal best. 





  • BANG FOR BUCK $: 4


  • OVERALL: 18/20