I want you guys to know the purpose of this good 'ol blog of mine is to be STRAIGHT up with you on places, events, clothes, products, food, etc...  

And I've totally have been putting off this post about Coachella because well... I guess I'll just say it... 



Yes it is definitely one of the coolest, chic-est, hottest places to be with multiple celebrities attending and endorsing the event. 

Let me back up a little bit and say that yes, it was such a cool experience and I LOVED seeing everyone's outfits. I think I went for the wrong reasons though so let me explain further... 

I left San Diego around Thursday afternoon around 2pm and I picked up a friend of a friend in Carlsbad and we drove together into the desert! So thankful to have someone on that drive because we apparently took the "wrong way" and went through a big ass mountain which was SO scary driving Ryan's big car around all the turns!! Seriously look at this route... 


Anyways, we get into the city of Coachella (didn't know it was actually a place) and had to wait for my girl Christina to get in from Santa Barbara. She had to work that day and literally left around 4pm, hit LA TRAFFIC, and a 2 hr drive turned into SIX HOURS.

**Do NOT hit LA TRAFFIC if it's the last thing you do!!**

Oh and btw, teen had my wristband and camping car pass, so we literally had to wait for her to get in, around 10 pm lol. Not complaining though, we went to dinner and the grocery store and explored this little desert town which ended up being really fun. 

So then they get in and we all meet up, so excited to finally get in!

Getting into the campgrounds was actually horrible. They check each and every car before going in. I'm talking, unzip your suitcases and mess up your clothes everything!! So just imagine 50,000 people trying to get their sh*t checked and into the campgrounds... we even got there late like 10:30 pm and the line was about 10-15 cars deep - it took over an hour just to get in. From people who had went before early on Thursday, they had waited over 5 hours in line to get into the campgrounds.. so I was actually happy we got there late and didn't have to go through that. 

Thursday night we just set up tents // tables // campsite. Christina and I slept in Ryan's car, what we used driving up the Cali coast - you can read about HERE :) so we didn't really have much to set up - so nice! We were exhausted and went right to bed. 

Pretty much every morning we woke up at first morning light, around 7:30 and it was hot as balls. Around 90 degrees every. day. Camping and sitting outside all day.. was a lot, even though we prepared with plenty of water and ice. We hung out around the campsite and walked into the little strip of shops outside the festival looking for coffee, but the lines were SO long and we didn't feel like waiting in the heat. Saturday I went to one of the pilates classes in the morning they had which was actually really good and refreshing! They had pilates and yoga for free everyday :)  We tanned and started playing drinking games around 12 or so and got ready to go into the festival by turning the car on and blasting the AC to put on our makeup without sweating lol. 

We went through security to get into the festival.. pretty hardcore again. Also, no one is allowed to bring in professional cameras! Only paid photographers and videographers get their equipment in, not that we had any, but just a heads up!

The festival was pretty cool to walk around and see all the people // characters. They had different concert stages all similar as in everyone close to each other, sweaty, and jumping around in the dirt haha listening and jamming to each artist. We would take breaks in between performances to get food at the shops or the beer garden. OMG SPICY PIE was the best thing in the world. I got it twice. Jalapeño pizza slices bigger than the size of your head... heaven. 

This was pretty much the scene for the three days for us. Camping in the hot ass heat and then getting ready to go into the festival. Note to everyone: DON'T take shots in the desert heat when you haven't drank any water or eaten any food the entire day. Hopefully you are smarter than I was... 

Camping in 90+ degree weather is NOT fun.. I could have been camping with Chrissy Teigen and Lady Gaga herself and would still not have had fun during the hottest hours. I was pouring water on myself and putting ice on my body during the day lol. It's so hot that I literally had no appetite.. like I would think about eating an animal cracker and feel sick. And I love eating. This is one reason I got too drunky monkey one day and slept the whole afternoon *oops* because we hardly ate a thing and would day drink, not thinking :( add having to use only port-o-potties and trailer showers into the mix.. nope. 10000% would get an Airbnb or hotel room next time! 


not the people, status, or outfits. I'll be the first to tell you I was there for the status and to see all the outfits !! I am not even a big concert person! Also don't really enjoy being around crowds of people, especially those who are sweaty and hot and pushing you for a closer spot to the stage. Lesson learned!