Where Did 2017 Go?

Having a real nostalgic moment realizing it is almost Thanksgiving which means it's almost December which means it's almost CHRISTMAS and then it will be 2018!!!

Like what .....

I remember my exact thoughts of the new year of 2017, thinking how I just wanted to fast forward through the whole year until December because Ryan would be on deployment for six months (basically the entire year) and I didn't want to deal with it. 

And now here we are... a whole year later & done with and it feels like it went by SO fast. So looking forward to having my husband back in a few weeks (!!!!) but also sad at the same time because that means we will be moving away from San Diego soon :( I'm not ready! Feeling like I just found my groove here - running into people at target, walking to my favorite coffee place, and finding my clique! That's Navy life for ya..

AH so many emotions! If you've read my rambling, I apologize..

Let me make it up to you with this cute outfit here ---- xo


- Top // Bodysuit: Free People - (50% off SALE!)

- Jeans: GAP -

- Shoes: Target -

- Bracelet: Ritani -

- Earrings: Ritani -