Best Wedding-DAY-OF Tips

This past weekend I was lucky enough to be a bridesmaid in the most GORGEOUS wedding. My best friend and previous roommate, Katie, married the love of her life and high school sweetheart (!!) Dan, after dating for almost 10 years! That alone will just bring tears to your eyes, so imagine the love and magic that filled this entire day <3 It was truly a fairytale, just like their story. The reception held at Running Hare Vineyard in Southern Maryland was a dream - complete with the biggest chandelier I've ever seen. They even had to put a deposit on the chandelier alone until after the wedding! 

Dan &amp; Katie Davis - June 10, 2017

Dan & Katie Davis - June 10, 2017

For bridesmaids in any wedding, the whole day is an event. Starting with hair & makeup, pictures and getting ready with the bride, and all things keeping the peace, I wanted to share my most useful tips for the wedding-DAY-OF :)


This is a straight Pinterest MUST. For Katie & Dan's wedding as well as my own, we used just about everything in this kit.. You never know what will and will not go wrong the day of so, be prepared!!

Popular OH-SHIT items:

  • Tide-to-go: white dress.. enough said
  • Mini Sewing Kit: actually needed this 5 minutes before my own wedding started.... and lets just say one of my bridesmaids did not take her dress off the whole night
  • Gum & floss
  • Granola Bar: the day goes SO fast and before you know it the bride hasn't had anything except a mimosa getting her hair done
  • Bobby pins & hair ties
  • Deodorant: I think all of us used this at least once during the day (TMI?)
  • Q-tips & Tissues: obvious reasons *starts ugly crying*
  • Tums & Claritin 
  • Lipgloss & Chapstick

Check out more ideas on Pinterest HERE


Okay so being the girls we are, constantly trying to look perfect... bring your own makeup, even if you are getting your makeup done that morning. Just like a haircut, it is something new and different and unfamiliar so most likely you will want to add bronzer or blush or more lip color when it will inevitably wear off. If you don't have a good place to bring your whole bag, bring your go-to make up items and you can touch up quickly in the bathroom and for the bride to be! #1 priority - making sure she is looking ON POINT at all times ;)


Hopefully, this is a known by now. But as a bridesmaid, or woman in general, being in heels all day will take its toll. When it's time to dance and get down, make sure you have those flip flops ready to enjoy yourself! No flats, no worries - barefoot it is. 

4. HYDRATE (not shots)

Waking up and going right into mimosas sounds like a great day.. until it is 9 pm and the dancing is just now starting. Make sure you drink A LOT of water throughout the day, as much as you can and REMIND the bride!! She will be thinking of everything except drinking water so your job is to keep her standing and ready to dance the night away :)


That's what wedding photographers are for! Not many (if any?) bridesmaids dresses have a spot to keep your phone on you so leave it in your bag! Your snapchat followers will understand.. and the pictures from the photographer will be that much better <3 When all is said and done and you want to snap some pics at the rehearsal, go for it.. make sure to get one with the bride post pro-pics and mid-dance :)

Most importantly, enjoy the moment!! Social media will be right where you left it and the beautiful memories of getting to stand by your best friend on her most special day will be the ones are irreplaceable <3

Dan & Katie - To a lifetime of love, laughter, and happiness!