TOP 5 Favorite Places to Shop Online

Okay y'all lets get real. Ask any you shall receive.. got a lot of questions on WHERE to go, so here it is! LOVE any requests // feedback as well so keep it comin'! ;) 

(I never say y'all.. this is serious) 

I do 99% of shopping online, as I'm sure most of you guys do as well. When it comes to online shops, my favorites spots HAVE to include the three "S's": 



If you're like I am, you are looking for that "wow" piece of clothing / accessory for a good deal, with free shipping, from a reputable shop... shouldn't be too much to ask for right?? 

Here are my top fave places to look for the perfect piece: 

I can't say enough good things about ASOS. I've been obsessed for years. They constantly have new items and a TON of stuff to choose from. When you're in the mood to dig and feel really successful finding the perfect piece, ASOS is where it's at. I also always go here first to search if they have what I'm looking for... aka "tulle skirt" when we did our engagement pictures or "overalls" and they have such a great selection 99% of the time. Also... prices! Hello! Their bathing suits probably have to be the best kept secret that I'm willing to share with you guys ;) I signed up for their $19 free 2-day shipping for a YEAR and can say it is well worth it!! Also, free returns! No harm no foul if anything doesn't fit.. I sometimes buy something in 2 different sizes to send one back just to make sure it stays in my closet. Love you ASOS! 

Okay so I almost didn't want to put Nordstrom, because of every single blogger writing about the NSALE lol but how can you not? They have the "must have" items you should have in your closet and obviously can find some deals on sale or at Nordstrom Rack! They have THE best return policy and I have no hesitation when buying something to try on, because I know if it doesn't work I just send it back and they take care of the rest. Always a go-to.

OK for some reason I'm just now finding out about ZARA??? I don't know what I've been doing but HELLO. I have found some of my FAVORITE dresses here and they always have items that are a little out of the box and something that no one else has.. which is what I like to think of my personal style. Not going to lie, some of their online pictures freak me out but when I get the item in person, it looks so different on! I really like to shop ZARA in person more than online because I somehow find these hidden gems on sale when I go in person. Like I found a perfect distressed jean jacket there (been looking for one forever) on sale for like $40! Win! 

Currently obsessed with VICI DOLLS boutique.. they have the cutteeessssttttt things that I am constantly drooling over. Anything from super trendy, to timeless.. they have a great selection. If you sign up for emails they almost always have a 20% off coupon going and you can score free shipping most of the time. One downside, they don't offer returns to your original payment, just store credit. It has never been a problem for me, if something didn't fit I can easily find something else to get on their site lol but kind of annoying? Check out my dress it up // down with a jumpsuit from VICI DOLLS.

This cute little gem is one of my new favorites! They have NEW releases every single Tuesday and I always scroll through their emails to see wazzzz good. My go-to place for really good basic tee's and cute tops! Got my overalls and my two-year anni romper from here... loveeee love love. They have awesome customer service and will respond to any questions you have really quickly, always feels nice to be in good hands! 

happy shopping HOTTIE