Inexpensive Valentine's Day Ideas

Happy Monday! 

Feeling very motivated on this beautiful day here in San Diego. I feel like it is crunch time... we are moving NEXT WEEK. Like what?! 

This past weekend we had our going away dinner / party with our closest friends at one of our favorite restaurants within walking distance to our house - Costa Brava. An authentic Spanish restaurant specializing in tapas and homemade Sangria. YUM. We rented out the back room and chose our favorite 5 tapas - Ox tail, filet minion, brussels sprouts, spicy potatoes, and bacon wrapped dates. After tapas, they brought out a huge family style platter of paella! So freaking good. I think we finished over 20 bottles of wine OOPS.


I also can't get over the fact that I blinked and January is basically over.

Thankfully we will be together for Valentine's Day this year - which usually doesn't happen because of deployments or long distance or something for us. It will be our first week in the new house so we will probably be hanging out pretty low key. I thought it would be fun to share some inexpensive ideas to show that special someone you love them on Valentines Day :) 

1. Homemade Chopped Championship

Ryan and I have been wanting to have a "Chopped" date night at home for a while now lol - go grocery shopping together and pick out 4 random ingredients for each other to have to use in their dish. One of you makes an appetizer, the other makes the main dish, and go get fro-yo for dessert! Edit: not taking responsibility for any and all recipes that come out of this date haha!

2. Leave Love Notes

Via: Pinterest

Via: Pinterest

What a cute little surprise to wake up to and make them feel special that morning. Write down all the things you love about them!

3. Surprise Date Night

It's really a drag when you both can't agree on where to go or what to eat for dinner, and you're stuck in the "IDK WHAT DO YOU WANT" convo. Take the reigns and make reservations somewhere to bring them on a surprise date! Also a fun idea to go to your local arcade or a picnic somewhere - just don't give them any hints! :)

4. Movie Night In


Go all out and set up a fun little fort on the floor (or not) with a popcorn bar - chocolate chips, popcorn salts, etc.. and pick 2-3 movies to choose from. So cozy!

5. Put Away Your Phones

Go for a walk together or whatever date you have planned without your phone. Focus on each other and really have a conversation. Being present is so important and I am constantly trying to be aware of our time together, not taking it for granted. 

Hope you enjoyed these inexpensive date night ideas to share with your LOVAAA for Valentine's Day! Going to get up a " V-day gift guide" later this week :)

Here is a cute Valentine's Day look at Belmont Park - another idea for date night!

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