Clothes to get rid of by 25

Okay so my b-day is still about a month out but I am already feeling that "What have I done in the past year? Am I where I want to be in life? Holy crap I'm starting to get old..." feeling about turning 25. Quarter century life crisis anyone? Is that a thing? I'm feeling it.

We also just got our orders for moving - check out the post here - so I am also thinking about cleaning out my closet and wanting to sell ALL of our furniture and redecorate EVERYTHING. This seriously happens every time we move.. I want to purge and get all new stuff haha total love/hate feeling. 

Cleaning out your closet is scary and exciting at the same time. I have nightmares about getting rid of something and then wishing I had it back. Reality is that this has actually never happened. When cleaning out my closet, I will take out everything and put it in a give-away bag (usually trash bag) and let it sit for a week or so to make sure I'm not still thinking about it or not. Most of the time I forget what is even in the bag, signaling I can easily part ways. 

Kind of embarrassing I had some of this stuff still, but hopefully these rules will help you get rid of junk in your closet, making way for some beautiful new items ;) 


Okay this was pretty embarrassing. I totally had shirts like camisoles and tank tops that were still in there from high school. WHY? Haven't worn them since. Oh and invest in some quality work out tops if you're still wearing old high school t-shirts to the gym (no judgement). Donate.

Trade Up: 


Those chunky, bold, statement necklaces were very cute... like 3-4 years ago. Anything that you can't get wet or can't wear a full day without wearing off on your skin needs to go. Trade in for a lot of low-quality items you wear once or twice for one high-quality item that you wear everyday. Dainty items are my new obsession. Purge.

Trade Up:

ordered this necklace with our wedding anniversary in roman numerals :)

ordered this necklace with our wedding anniversary in roman numerals :)


We all have those items that make you think, "When I lose 5 pounds this will fit perfectly." How long have they been sitting there? lol totally guilty of this and then I made myself get rid of them and have never felt better. Learn to dress for your body type and that is most DEFINITELY NOT clothes that are too small. Also, even if you do get back to your "goal size," those clothes are usually out of style after one season or another. Donate.


Going off of clothes that are too small, once you go through items after a few seasons it is OKAY to let them go. Remember back to school shopping and getting clothes when you were little? Each year we got new stuff for the start of school and got rid of anything that didn't fit or were "last year's" clothes. Why should that have to stop as an adult? Obviously items that you invest in, like winter coats or leather jackets or the perfect dinner heel, will stay for a while, but those everyday items that are out of style need to go. Donate.

Trade Up:


It's a sad day when your favorite pair of shoes breaks in half or has a hole in the toe... oh.. just me? I have totally super glued my nike everyday tennis shoes because I was so sad they broke off the bottom haha I had to let go and look for a new pair. Also, those heels you wore in college on nights you had no business wearing heels, and got destroyed in one use - purge. Get rid of them. Scuff marks and dirt stains are not cute for a nice dinner or office attire LOL. Purge.

Trade Up: