Hope you had a wonderfullll Thanksgiving! 

My parents came into town and it was so nice having them here. So relaxing and exactly what I needed. We went out to dinner for the first time ever - to Fogo De Chao. A Brazilian steakhouse hahahah but they had all the Thanksgiving dishes like turkey, sweat potatoes, mashed potatoes & gravy, etc.. too! So we def didn't miss out on everything. 

Honestly, I don't really like Thanksgiving food that much.. all the casseroles and heavy creams... not for me. I would make roasted veggies or brussels sprouts and like a cauliflower cheese mash if it were up to me and my parents do NOT like my healthy food... *face palm* so it was just easier on everyone to go somewhere lol

So thankful for family and friends! And that Ryan will be home in ONE WEEK now!! I can't believe these last six months are finally over. We have really only have been together like 3 months this year.... so it's definitely been a tough one. Looking forward to being together non-stop for the next two years :)

When Ryan finally gets home:

*** him waking up to me creepily staring at him ***


- Sweater: VICI DOLLS -

- Hat: Target -

- Shoes: Target -

Seriously have worn these everyday

- Jeans: GAP -

Favorite jeans at the moment because they have a TALL option - PRAISE YOU (I'm 5'10")

- Earrings: RITANI -