When we found out I was Pregnant

By now you know we are expecting a sweet bundle of joy in July of 2019! We are over the moon excited for all to come and the start our little family. Let the adventures begin!

photography by:  Karyssa Costa Photography

Ryan and I found out the night of November 20th.. and were flying home the very next morning for Thanksgiving to be with our entire family. We were hanging out in the kitchen after dinner, before we both had to finish packing, and jokingly said we should probably take a pregnancy test, just to be safe since Thanksgiving wine, port & cigars, and a friends wedding were all happening that week.

I went and took the test, set it down to wait for the results, then started packing.. not really thinking anything of it. Ryan was still in the kitchen and I brought the test to him from our bathroom, with my mouth dropped to the floor and my body literally shaking. He was like “yeah right stop messing with me” and totally thought I was pranking him.. until he saw those two little pink lines. One was faint, but definitely there, and we immediately started reading the box and looking up info online on how accurate the faint pink line was (even though I’ve taken plenty of tests before this one with absolutely no questionable second line).


We started smiling like goof balls and kind of looked at each other like “welp, here we go!!” It still didn’t really hit me, is this legit? lol I didn’t feel any different besides how my boobs had been CRAZY sore that week.. like it hurt to wear a bra or hug someone, and I could smell EVERYTHING. I kept telling Ryan to brush his teeth because he smelled like old-man-breath and he would be like “I literally just brushed my teeth?!” LOL. So yeah, definitely got the sore boobs and heightened sense of smell almost immediately that lasted for the first month or so.


So we found out the night before we left to see our entire family… with this big secret. We were so conflicted because this was the only time we have with all of them together planned for a while - do we tell them or is it too early?? We decided, and swore to each other, to not tell anyone and keep it our secret. We wanted to get a blood pregnancy test done and get it confirmed by my doctor before getting anyone excited… it was just too early!

One of the hardest things I’ve ever done is not telling our family, especially my mom, right away in person. Keep in mind, our families are very close so whenever we are home, everyone is together. In fact, my parents were staying at my in-laws guest house the whole time we were there. I seriously almost told my mom and mother-in-law 993984923 different times just wanting them to know, and because I tell my mom everything! Every night I would tell Ryan I felt so so so bad keeping something like this from them, and he had to assure me we didn’t want to get their hopes up until we were certain it was legit and confirmed by our doctor. He was right. We made the plan to get through this weekend, get home and go to the doctor, and if all goes well, we would tell everyone on Christmas. Even though Ryan’s family would be in Africa, we are hoping to FaceTime them and sent a little customized baby Dishman onesie with specific instructions to open ONLY on Christmas Day.

I’m actually surprised none of our family said anything because I was walking around with water in my wine glass. It helped that we had a big family gathering on Thanksgiving so it was craziness with everyone coming in and out and cooking all day. My mom actually texted me and said, “Is everything okay?” hinting that Ryan and I were in a fight or something LOL! I guess we were just trying to avoid each other because we were thinking the same thing the whole time and didn’t want to blow our cover haha! We later found out after telling our families they had a “hunch” of what was going on, but were still completely surprised.

The wedding on the other hand was a different story…

Andrew & Jess got married at the beautiful Naval Academy Chapel and Ryan’s Dad offered to let us drive his Jaguar for the festivities. We agreed because I obviously wasn’t drinking, not thinking anything of it or that someone would pick up on the fact that I was driving. Until we met up with our friends John & Lauren and Lauren immediately called us out saying, “Why are you driving, you’re not pregnant are you?!” And so they knew and promised they wouldn’t tell before we could figure out what was going on! The wedding reception was fine because the trick is to drink water with lime in a small glass to make it look like a vodka soda or gin & tonic. So that’s what I did all night drank about 22 glasses of water and had to pee every 5 minutes (nothing new there tho).

Luckily we made it through the weekend and wedding without our entire family finding out, and minimal friends finding out lol. I scheduled a pregnancy blood test with my doctor the very next day. They took a small blood sample that morning and by the afternoon, I got a call at work saying it was positive and scheduled my first OBGYN appointment the next day.

This is really happening!!!


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