Social Media // Blogging Thoughts

If you haven't noticed, there has been some debate lately on social media.. about social media. I've tried to record my thoughts via Instagram stories about 5 different times, and can't seem to get them out exactly how I'm picturing them in my mind. 

So here we are. 


When I started blogging, it was NOT a thing like it is today (circa 2014?) I was posting a free server on blogspot and didn't even have an Instagram at the time. Then (and now), I've always wanted to have a creative space where I can let my thoughts out, share information about what's going on in my life with friends & family, and maybe help someone out with life hack, recipe, or outfit idea. 

I NEVER wanted to have a blog to 'promote' myself or give the illusion that my life is 'picture perfect'. I NEVER wanted this space to be a highlight reel of "HEY look at me" or "BUY THIS NOW" which I sometimes feel like the blogging community portrays. 

Don't get me wrong - I had high aspirations of being a 'blogger' to share my stories and tips with others. I VERY much looked up to the blogger OG's of the industry where I would get ideas and inspiration. And good for them! It's so inspiring to me for people to really grasp on to this opportunity of today's online world, and make a business for themselves, literally creating the life and job they want. I still look up to them and all of the beautiful souls I've met trough the blogging community. I have met SO many great, authentic people because we share this common interest.


So, I still don't feel like I'm doing the best job of getting every thought out exactly how I want, but I leave you with this - 

I want to continue to inspire, create, and open up to whoever is reading this (if that is 2 people (my mom being one lol) or 20,000 people, it's really all the same to me. 

My goal is to have this fashion blog be less about me and more about you, so I'm going to give this a shot - I want to help people find that PERFECT outfit or style for an event or everyday life. I think I've always loved fashion because there are few better feelings that walking into an event feeling like a million bucks because of that perfect dress. Or being confident in your outfit for a presentation at work. I have always chased that feeling and want to share that in a small way if I can. 

Here is a survey you can fill out (only 5 questions) and I would LOVE to be your personal stylist. This is no charge, I just like shopping and obviously can't afford everything I want, so maybe you will buy it and love forever, giving you that RUN THE WORLD feeling. 

Cheers friends and thanks for making it this far if you have :)