Okay you guys! I'm so excited about this post because number 1:  Emily is amazing, number 2: you should check out YIREH, number 3: this is a preview of an exciting project to come! 

SO I had the opportunity to connect with Emily, owner & designer of YIREH, and ask her a few questions about her amazing journey of building her business! YIREH is a clothing and accessories brand inspired by a love for travel + the ocean, designed to empower and encourage, created by a full-circle-movement. Not to mention SO CUTE. 

Seriously some perfect pieces for summer...

think Free People, Urban Outfitters, Anthropologie x ISLAND LIFE



Roya Jumpsuit Khaos

Okay so just so we're clear, Emily does it ALL - she starts with designs, goes to Thailand to pick the exact fabric and prints, meets with manufacturers and people who hand-make her pieces, and runs the business side in Hawaii! So inspiring! Follow along all behind the scenes on Instagram @yireh_

Lets get to the questions :)

1. What is your inspiration for YIREH? 

My inspiration for YIREH has always been culture and diversity! I've moved and traveled around my entire life, so meeting people, and learning their culture has always been ingrained inside of me. I am also inspired by kindness and encouragement.

Fun Fact: We went to elementary school together in Hawaii! Totally having a fan-girl moment "I know her!!" LOL

2. Favorite item in your current collection? 

My favorite item in my current collection is the Kaya Maxi. It has accents of vintage Hmong fabric that I sourced in a small Northern Thailand market. I really love it because it allows you to wear a piece of history and mixes old with new. Each dress is unique and its own work of art.

You guys, each piece is HAND MADE! 

Lakey Fringe Dress (ON SALE)

3. One must-have item for the upcoming season?

This next season is going to be so fun. The one piece I think is a definite must have is The Indi Maxi. It is basically a bohemian gown, featuring embroidery and tassels everywhere! 

Love. Need. Bye.

4. What is the hardest part of being a designer / business owner?

It's more like what is not hard about it. Everyday is a struggle, I feel like a professional problem solver. It is a blessing to work from home, create my own schedule, and take days or hours off it I need too. But, all of those things can be challenging as well. Some days the work is piled high and I am so overwhelmed at how I will get through it all. And some days I have to push myself to create work, create opportunity, create ways to push the business forward and that gets hard, especially since it's pioneer a path I've never been down! People also don't realize this, but being an entrepreneur can get pretty lonely, and it is constantly vulnerable to share your art with the world. But I wouldn't change it for anything. :)

Can totally see that!! 


Skylar Tie Romper

Thank you YIREH & Emily for being our BOSS BABE and inspiring more people than you know!!