Marathon Thoughts

So this past weekend I ran my first MARATHON. I flew to D.C. and ran the Marine Corps Marathon 2017 with my father-in-law and sister-in-law who have been my biggest support group throughout the process and training. I finished at 4 hours and 15 minutes.

I can honestly say it was one of the hardest things I've done, both physically ad emotionally. 26.2 miles is no easy task! Actually only 1% of the population can say they've ran a full marathon.. FUN FACT. That is pretty crazy to me.


However, after I was done it was also kind of like, "ok cool.. now what". I don't know what expectations I had, but it was definitely something I've been wanting to do for what, 25 years now? And then all the training and anticipation of actually completing it lol I was like woah that was a complete blur.

I feel SO proud of everyone who has ever ran a marathon and I think it's totally an amazing accomplishment. I definitely think people should hear, "congratulations!" after completing one, and I'm glad I understand that now, post-marathon.

My hips and calves and even shoulder blades hurt for a good 48 hours after running. I have two blisters on each of my pinky toes that take up pretty much my entire toe, but I am so thankful I am in good health and have a body that can take me through a full marathon with no serious injury. Also running in the Marine Corps Marathon puts things in perspective... there were multiple amputees completing in the bike/wheelchair marathon race who I was running alongside the entire time, there were people who wore their loved ones and the dates they were killed in battle on the back of their shirts, and there were soldiers running the ENTIRE marathon in full combat gear wearing boots and carrying the American flag the whole way. So extremely inspiring to see and really gave me the push to run for something WAY greater than myself and for 'my bucketlist.' I was crying and hyperventilating the last mile, from mile 25 --> 26 just thinking of all the pain and suffering I was feeling and thinking how it relates to basically nothing of how much suffering other people have been through giving up their lives for our country and freedom. I was extremely grateful and counting my blessings, also thinking of my husband Ryan, overseas on deployment right now. 


Super glad I did it and checked it off my life bucket list, but definitely have no desire to do another marathon again haha congrats to all the other runners out there who completed their training! :)