Invisalign Q&A


I could start rambling on and on about it but instead I'm going to try and organize my thoughts:


Invisalign is a clear retainer that is custom made for your teeth to slowly shift them by using a different retainer each week or two. Read more on their website HERE

Depending on how crooked your teeth are relates to how many weeks or months you use the retainers. For me, I had braces in middle school for about a year already, but didn't wear my retainers, like ever, after I was done so obviously my teeth shifted.

Anyone out there with retainers - WEAR THEM!!

But my teeth weren't THAT bad so my bottom ones were just annoying me. I only had Invisalign for about 3-4 months and it went by really quickly. 

I've also worn them in every picture I've taken since July!

My dentist (La Jolla Family Smile Design) did it in house so I just got them there! I don't even think you have to go through a dentist or orthodontist anymore though now with that Smile Direct Club thing?? Anyone see // try that? I don't know how much I would trust that though.. I liked going to my dentist and asking them questions and just having them see me in person.

I think this varies on where you go // who you get it done through but my dentist offered a financing option around $3800 I think? And if you paid in full, it was $3200 so we just did that. 

With $3200, I got the full Invisalign retainers and treatment, teeth whitening, a PERMANENT retainer put in after everything (highly recommend even tho you still have to wear retainers at night *eye rolls*) , and filing my teeth down to make them perfectly straight..

I'm psycho & explanation below:


^^ So this picture is after my Invisalign was DONE at the top, like teeth are perfectly straight (and still have the "attachments on".. but my teeth were just like very jagged so I had my dentist shave down the top of my teeth, both top and bottom a little bit to make them perfectly straight... make sense?

and it made all the difference! I made him do it like 3 different times haha I'm annoying oops.

(also fun fact: the two teeth outside of my top front two teeth are fake!!)

What they DON'T tell you is that at the end when everything is done and your teeth are straight, you have to buy retainers to wear at night which is an ADDITIONAL cost... $700!! So not cheap. The option was like $150 for one retainer, and you have to replace them 6 months to 1 year and then each one after that is $300 or you can purchase 4 sets of retainers (good for 4 years basically) for $700.

Don't know if I got ripped off or not but I went with the 4 retainers at once option.

100% yes. Even though it is pricy, I would do it over in a heartbeat. I'm obsessed with straight teeth and when I laugh you can see my bottom teeth lol so I was getting to the point where my teeth annoyed me so much I would try not to smile or laugh! sad haha but true. 

It really didn't hurt that bad. They put clear "attachments" on your teeth, kind of like invisible braces, to help guide the retainers and make them stay in place which shifted them more and were kind of annoying but not really noticeable to anyone except yourself. 

I also did it when Ryan was on deployment so I wouldn't have to deal with taking out my retainers every time we went out to dinner haha and but it really wasn't bad. You can drink liquids with them in. Just eating is sometimes annoying because you're supposed to wear them 22 hours+ a day and it forces you to not take them out to snack all the time (good thing maybe?) lol

Okay so this is kind of weird now that I'm starting to post the pictures of my teeth blown up in your face haha ... but hereitis:


Would love to answer any questions you have :)

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Cheers friends!