Holiday Lace on Lace

Happy (almost) Friday babes!

I am going out of town this weekend back to D.C. to run my first MARATHON!

Freakinggggg out actually and have been having nightmares this week every single night LOL too much? this is giving me anxiety for sure. Totally a one-and-done-bucket-list thing for me to knock off and I'm going to be so happy when it's over.. ugh why do I do this to myself. 

So ready for some cold, chilly weather so maybe it will be colder there? We aren't going home to Maryland for Christmas this year, so idk when I'll be back east! It has literally been 90 DEGRESS + here in San Diego and I've been sweating balls. Can't wait to sleep in a sweatshirt and sweatpants - NOPE not yet. 

Currently in love with this white lace undershirt turtleneck by Free People. I also wore it with a statement bra HERE. Details linked below as alwayssss :) 



- Lace Turtleneck: Free People

- Black Slip Dress: Anthropologie (found on sale in store) -

((similar options: 1HERE - 2HERE - 3HERE - ))

- Heels: Target