Holiday GLAM


OKAY hi. I have been in lala land with the hubs and getting back in the groove of being a wife this week lol! I forgot what it's like honestly. And I'm soaking up every minute of being back together and making some beautiful San Diego memories before we move - which is becoming more and more surreal. 


We had a fun Sunday - Ryan became a little elf! We (he) hung the lights up on the house, went and got a tree, and took the boat out to watch the San Diego Boat Parade up close and personal! It makes me so happy to have him home for all things festive and truly getting in the spirit of Christmas. 

Since he just got home last week, his ship isn't having their Christmas party until January. I basically work from home. And we're not going home to family this year.... so we really aren't dressing up ever. This outfit is totally for show and I have no where to wear this or any of these dresses LOL so here is to hoping this helps you find the perfect outfit to wear and rock it for the both of us! 



- Dress: ASOS

- Faux Fur: ASOS

- Shoes: DSM (similar) -

- Choker: FOREVER 21 -