Holiday Gift Guide : 2017

The most wonderful time of the year!! GIVING is a major favorite part of the holiday season for me :) I love giving gifts and finding that perfect item for someone! My goal for finding that perfect gift for someone is for it to be something they would never buy for themselves, but love and use all the time! 

Okay I'm sooo excited to write this post! I got a very high response on insta-storie-poll that you guys would want a gift guide... so here it is :D Just click on the picture to take you to the direct link!

Hope you guys like these ideas - let me know if you end up getting anything :) 


Erin Condren personalized 2018 planner! I have (and always will be) and avid hard-copy-planner-user.. Literally always carry it with me in my purse and love to write down everything to lay out my week. These Erin Condren planners are the best of the best and have all different additions // personalizations you can add! (( Ordered the 3rd one for myself :D ))

Pink Le Creuset Oven 


For the splurge gift - how flippin' cute is the HEART shaped dutch oven!! Found this on sale at Macy's! This is for the cast iron cooking lover. Plus totally instagrammable for the entertainer ;)

Love Your Melon Beanie


These beanies are so comfy and the perfect little gift with an amazing cause! I love this company because they give 50% of all profits to children battling cancer. They have already given over $2 MILLION - read more here. Happy heart.

Ritani Earrings


An everyday dainty piece of quality jewelry is always a perfect gift. *cough cough* haha but really! Something she would never buy herself, but falls in love with and is able to wear everyday - love love love the delicate pieces. Thank you Ritani for sponsoring this item. 

UGG House Slippers


Okay so these are on my personal Christmas list ;) I loveeee me some comfy house slippers and UGG just is the best of the best. Perfect for our upcoming move up North!

YSL Lipstick


Totally falls into the "gift that someone would love, but would never buy for themselves" right?? Cheers my fellow bougie babes. 

Pajama Set


I got these pajamas and I'm OBSESSED with them. Officially getting old because I'm soooo into matching pajama sets now.... #grandma. But seriously in love with these specific pajamas I've worn them every night since I got them and thinking about getting them in a different color... comes in 5 different options!

Lululemon Yoga Mat


For the yoga lover or that person getting a jumpstart on their New Years Resolution.. Personally, I ask for Lululemon stuff every year for Christmas! I stock up on leggings and jackets pretty much every year :D I have this yoga mat and it's been amazing for the past THREE years - worth the investment. 


$49 - $149

Okay so this idea was brilliant.. These "MAN CRATES" are customized for your dude - whether he is a golf lover, grill master, beer taster, camping lover, NFL customized stuff and EVERYTHING in between. Seriously like there is a bacon crate all the way to the knife making crate... Basically they send you this wooden crate and one crowbar and part of the fun is having to get INSIDE the crate and break it open! Totally a man's thing. We hosted Christmas last year and I got my husband, my dad, my father-in-law, and grandfather all different man crates. We set them up outside and watched them all race to see who could open theirs fastest! Probably one of the top gifts that year - and then we used the wood from the crate for firewood. Totally recommend for a fun gift for any guy in your life!

Glass Decanter


Hope Ryan isn't reading this ;) haha. He has turned into quite the whiskey lover - Johnnie Walker Blue Label to be exact - and this was like a "click" moment for me to get him one of these! Perfect for styling the bar cart too so it works for both of us haha. He loves all the fun drink accessories so I'm thinking he will love this! Found another cute (simple) one at Crate and Barrel here

Patagonia Jacket


Okay but I really hope Ryan doesn't see this post HAHA. Like all his gifts are on here - oops! He loves Patagonia and we are moving up to Northern California so this is a no brainer! Ladies - buy the things you like to style your man ;) Somehow I think his 10-year old ripped flannel jacket he always wears will get lost in the move...... 

Pajama Set


Let's be honest.. most guys are not going to buy themselves pajamas. But they appreciate a good sleep set! Got these for Ryan for our annual "Christmas jammies" pic :D 

Bluetooth Speaker - Marley


So when I first moved in with Ryan after we got married he still had the biggest BOOM BOX in the 

Homesick Candle


How cute are these! Anyone just make a move to a different state? There is a candle for every state! My best friend actually sent me a Maryland one with OLD BAY scent in it.. dead :D

Anthropologie Throw


As I get older I LOVE getting cozy blankets for gifts because I never buy them for myself! Idk I feel like I should but I never do and blankets are always a necessity for me (for anyone who is always cold). In love with all of Anthropologie throws - Nordstrom also has some good picks if you are looking for a lighter budget option. 

LOVE this one from West Elm for $49!!

LOVE this one from West Elm for $49!!

Ona Pitcher


Freaking out a little bit that I came across these!! They were in our fancy schmancy hotel in Bahrain with all kinds of fresh squeezed juices at breakfast and I LOVED them!! This is like the perfect hostess gift too! So cute - ordered one of these for myself ;D

CHEERS Dishtowel


This super cute Antro find is so good for the holidays - extending to New Years celebrations! Love anything related to champagne ;)

Marble Monogram Cheese Plate


Another gift for the entertainer or crowd pleaser! Anything and everything marble please.

Thank you guys for checking out this post and I really hope it helped a little with that crazy holiday shopping! 

CHEERS to you and to a very Merry Christmas :)