Haven and Harmony Skin Studio Custom Facial + 5 SKIN TIPS

Hi friends! Hope your week is going great. I've been off the blog for a little while because I was taking a class + studying to become a Salesforce Administrator, and am happy to announce I completed the class, took the exam, and am now a Certified Salesforce Admin! Now the job search begins ... lol

Anyways, enjoying my last few days of being a stay-at-home dog mom and was lucky enough to partner with Chelsea at Haven and Harmony Skin Studios for a custom facial! You know those people who you just instantly connect with and feel like life-long friends right away? Chelsea was one of those people! After showing me around her beautiful studio, we talked about what my biggest skin concerns were (anti-aging and wrinkle prevention, eliminating sun spots & sun damage, and minimizing pores & black heads) and then she customized my 60+ minute facial! 

I am still learning (and becoming obsessed) with more and more skincare, so bear with me as I walk through the steps from memory :) 

Facial Steamer: opens pores

Purifying Cleanser: with manuka Honey, manfura Oil, and merigold

Enzyme mask: gets rid of dead skin cells


Extraction: getting rid of black heads deep in pores

High frequency light therapy: for anti-aging and acne  

Just ordered this to start doing at home!! Under $60

Just ordered this to start doing at home!! Under $60

Hyaluronic acid and light mask therapy: for anti-aging and getting rid of any bacteria

Can also be used for a Freddy Krueger Halloween costume

Can also be used for a Freddy Krueger Halloween costume

Moisturizer with papaya: for rehydration

I have to say again, THANK YOU so much to Chelsea at Haven and Harmony Skin Studio for the amazing custom treatment and for sharing all of your knowledge! 10/10 would recommend to anyone in the Carmel / Monterey area looking for a skin care specialist. She also offers 20% off for military members and spouses! ♡♡♡


As I get older, I am focusing more and more on skincare for the future and urge you, my friends, to do the same! You don't have to do all these crazy chemical peels or procedures to start in skin care, just start doing small things that mean A LOT over time! 

Five easy skin care tips I've learned: 

1. USE SUNSCREEN EVERYDAY (under makeup)

This is sooo important if you want to minimize wrinkles and lines in the future! Gone are the days where I lay out lathered in tanning oil. If I'm outside, you'll find me with SPF and big hats protecting my face from the sun. 


I just recently got into finding and using a great toner that is working for me. Don't forget, that everyone is different and everyone's skin is different! You have to sometimes test products and find what is best for you. For example, my cleanser was making me breakout like CRAZY so obviously had to stop using that and tried different products until finding the best one for me. 


Using oils on your face was hard for me to grasp after having oily skin growing up and being taught to use products to prevent oil. BUT after using oils every night during my night-time routine, I have seen a substantial difference in my skin hydration and firmness! And the last thing they do is leave your skin oily!! Mind-blown.


But it's NOT good to break the skin! So be careful with this one. Unfortunately, black heads are just oil trapped in your pores, and they won't go away. So one of the few ways to get rid of them are to extract them yourself or through a professional. If you pick them at home, be sure to use a tissue and wash your face right after to prevent bacteria from being spread as much as possible.


Along with exercise, what you put in your body will show on the outside through your skin as well. Water. Food. Nutrients. All contributes to glowing skin! Biggest tip: drink water until you can't anymore!

Are you growing old like me and interested in more skincare realated posts?

As always, please let me know! :D