Casual // Flirty Date Night Look

We are preparing for a verryyyy windy, rainy, and cold weekend in San Diego with a big storm rolling through! Sometimes I'm so happy it's raining and not perfect outside in San Diego so I'm not feeling guilty about laying around in PJs all day and binging on Netflix :) After this week, Ryan and I are looking forward to a RELAXING do nothing weekend. 

Remembering this day and being in the SUN and being sooo warm and even starting to sweat! San Diego is bipolar like that though, especially in the "winter." 

Hope you enjoy this flirty/casual look! Shop the look at the very bottom :)


Top: Effin Shop
Jeans: GAP (they make the best TALL jeans!!)
Choker: Etsy
Bucket Bag: Brandy Melville
Shoes: Michael Kors