Telling Our Family + First Trimester

It’s Official:

Okay, so you already read how we found out about our lil babe the day before Thanksgiving and seeing our entire family..! (post HERE)

So now we get home and I had scheduled the blood test for the next day. Pretty easy - you go in whenever you want, they draw a little bit of blood and then you are on your way, thinking about nothing else the rest of the day until they call with the results.

I went in to get the test before work and they said they would call me by lunchtime that day. 12….1…..2 pm rolls around and I still haven’t heard back, so I call them and ask for the results.



I am out of my office taking a walk and have to sit down. I immediately call Ryan and tell him he's the father.. haha just kidding, not really. And we say okay here we go!

photography by:  Karyssa Costa Photography

We set our first appointment that week and went in to get all our information, sign up for a baby info class, and get our due date!

July 30, 2019

And just like that, I am in love.


Telling our Family:

We kept our little secret from our family until Christmas Eve. Ryan’s family traveled to Tanzania, Africa to see his youngest sister who is serving there in the peace corps (!!) and were 12 hours ahead of us. My parents came to stay with us for the week! I ordered custom onesies on Etsy and wrapped them up really small, sent one to Ryan’s mom to pack in her suitcase and open on Christmas, and kept one for my parents.

We went out to dinner on Christmas Eve to Roy’s, kind of a tradition with my parents and one of their favorite restaurants. When my dad was asking about what everyone wanted to drink and if we wanted a bottle of wine, I broke out the little gift and handed it to them to open. They thought it was a gift card for the restaurant LOL. I was shaking and SO nervous for some reason ?? They opened it and immediately started smiling and crying and hugging :) The waiter even added a little touch to my mom’s favorite dessert, the chocolate lava cake ♡


We got home from dinner, with our cheeks hurting from smiling so much, and got ready to FaceTime Ryan’s family in Africa! It was our Christmas Eve night, and their Christmas morning (because of the 12 hour time difference), so it worked out perfectly! Again, I was so nervous when they opened my double-layer-very-well-taped wrapping lol why?? They found the onesie and note we wrote for them since we couldn’t be there in person.. More laughing, crying, and smiling ♡

I secretly videotaped their reactions and you can watch them here :)

We called our grandparents and family on Christmas Day to share the news. It was such a weight off of our shoulders to tell our everyone. Phase I at least. (Phase II friends. Phase III social media) haha this is how I imagined it.


Everything First Trimester:

H O W A R E Y O U F E E L I N G ?

Aside from the extremely sore tits and heightened sense of smell, I didn’t feel any different. A little more tired, but honestly I’m always tired let’s be real. Some days I would feel a little nauseous (kind of like a hangover) but I never had morning sickness, and that would go away after I took my prenatal vitamin and had breakfast. OJ every single morning for the win. Towards the end of the first trimester I started feeling a lot better and getting my energy back, and it made me realize how nauseous and tired I really was in the beginning.

C R A V I N G S ?

  • Avocado toast + eggs

  • Scrambled egg sandwich + mustard

  • Everything bagel + cream cheese

  • BBQ chicken + mac and cheese

  • Broccoli + ranch dressing

  • Diner butter lettuce salad + ranch dressing

  • Anything + ranch dressing

Honestly I thought “cravings” would be me crazy yelling at Ryan telling him to go find me peanut butter and pickle ice cream at 3 am, but it’s nothing like that (if you aren’t surprised). It is more of the feeling that nothing else sounds good to eat except that particular thing, aka salad with ranch dressing for me. Some days I would come home from work looking for a snack and eat a whole head of broccoli with ranch dressing - that’s all I wanted. Ryan has been such a trooper though when I throw out random food requests for dinner and going to pick up ingredients at the grocery store for bbq chicken and mac and cheese for the 4th night in a row :) love you babe.

In the beginning, I was trying to eat more frequently and just more in general because I was actually losing weight. Probably from not working out as much and cutting back on the weightlifting, bye for now little muscles. My starting weight was 138 and I am 5’10”. I used to eat protein oatmeal or PB & banana toast for breakfast every morning, but now all I want is savory for breakfast so it’s usually scrambled eggs and a bagel. There were moments when I was SO hungry and feel like I could eat everything, and then take two bites and be sick to my stomach thinking about eating more. The food aversions were real for the first trimester.

D R I N K I N G ?

I had given up caffeine earlier in the year, not even thinking about getting pregnant, so that was an easy transition to not drinking any. I drink a ton of water throughout the day and orange juice in the morning. It’s way easier to not drink alcohol than I thought. We went on a New Year’s Ski trip in Tahoe with 7 other couples and I honestly didn’t miss drinking and still had a ton of fun with everyone. Not going to lie though, I am very much looking forward to that first ice cold margarita after this little guy vacates :D

F A V O R I T E P R O D U C T S ?

I luckily started taking a prenantal vitamin a few months before getting pregnant under doctor’s advice if we were going to start trying in the near future - which we were, but we didn’t realize it was that near lol. I take one religiously every day thanks to a cute little pill box! An easy reminder for the day to take the vitamin and stay on track. I have been lathering myself in lotion and oil, especially my upper legs and belly, every night to try to combat some of the stretch marks. All products linked below! (click on the picture for the direct link)

Thanks so much for riding along on this journey with us :)

I cannot wait to share anything and everything with you! As always, if you have questions or requests - don’t hesitate to comment or reach out ;)