Eyelash Extensions 101

Okay so I have been wanting to do a post about this for a while! I recently got eyelash extensions for my girlfriend, Katie's Bachelorette party hosted here in San Diego full post coming ;) and figured I could help some sistas out on some most common questions // tips I've learned. 

Eyelash extensions before // after - NO makeup in either

Eyelash extensions before // after - NO makeup in either

SO: Here are some Q&A I've come up with, feel free to ask more in the comments below!

WHAT are eyelash extensions?

Eyelash extensions are long strands of fake eyelashes that are glued onto your existing eyelashes one-by-one. Applied by a professional (hopefully). 

How long do they take to put on?

Full sets take about 1 hour to 1.5 hours. You are laying on a comfy bed with pillows and soothing music (from my experience) with your eyes closed the whole time. I actually fell asleep one time lol. 

How long do they last?

It honestly depends on so much. The first time I ever got extensions were as a gift for my wedding and they literally lasted like 2 months... it was insane the would NOT come off. That is a different story lol... I've also had some that only lasted a week.... frustrating. Anyways, usually good extensions last 2-3 weeks and then you go in for a fill if you want them for longer. Tips on how to make them last below. 

How much do they cost?

I usually get full sets from Groupon deals, regularly $250 value for $50-$100. Fills (every two weeks) are obviously cheaper and sometimes the esthetician will make you a deal. For example, the one I just got was $99 for one full set and two fills - amazing deal!!

Can you take them off? 

It is not good to try and take them off yourself, just let them fall off naturally as that could damage your real eyelashes. However, coconut oil can be used to remove them naturally without pulling out your eyelashes! (nightmare)

What if my real eyelashes fall out?

Your eyelashes fall out naturally without you even realizing it. Some will, it happens just like it would if you were wearing mascara. Good news! Eyelashes grow back regardless of what you're told. 

TIPS: on how to make eyelash extensions last LONGER

1. Don't get them wet 24 hours after getting them done! I've learned this from trial and error - think spray tan! Let the glue stick and they last a lot longer. 

2. Try not to apply water directly while you are wearing them - like no scrubbing your face or eyes in the shower. 

3. Use oil-free make up // make up remover. This includes non-waterproof mascara if you do use. The oil breaks down the glue on the eyelashes. 

4. When working out, use a headband or sweatband (lol) to keep sweat out of your eyes. If you're anything like me, I look like I just got out of the pool after my workouts so keeping the sweat out of my face // eyes is a necessity! I love THESE from Lululemon <-- also helps with hair breakage! 

5. Every time you get out of the shower or get the extensions wet, use a brush to brush them up and keep them from clumping together! These are magical - usually the place you get them done will give you one when you leave or you can buy one. 


1. BE CAREFUL of people who COUNT eyelashes - say the deal is for "40" lashes and then they are finished.. it's best to ask if they count or not and I always like the people who DON'T because they do as many as necessary to get the look you want instead of just stopping at a specific number. 

2. Tell what you want! If you want a more natural look, ask for natural. I almost always ask for big and bold because it usually looks different to only you, and to other people it looks like you just have really good lashes lol. Also, I like to have mine long on the ends and shorter closer to your eye, but some prefer to have the same length all around, up to you!


Happy Lashes Babes! Any other tips // tricks up your sleeve?