Everything Second Trimester

H O W A R E Y O U F E E L I N G - -

Not going to lie, the second trimester was hard. Not physically, but emotionally. I went through a lot of ups and downs that I never thought I’d have to think about at this time in my life. The one constant has been how strong my love for Ryan, our family, and this little baby is and how they’ve kept me from falling apart.

On a lighter note.. the second trimester is where it’s at! All the little bits of nausea and body aches felt in the first trimester went away for me. I could still fit into some of my regular clothes and honestly I would forget I was carrying this guy inside me most days! ..in the beginning at least. My taste buds for the regular (healthy) foods I usually ate came back, which was refreshing to know I wasn’t going to be limited to meals of scrambled egg sandwiches and burgers for the rest of my life.

I went through a crazy nesting phase already - lets call it mid-pregnancy-crisis?? - and sold both of our sofas and all of our guest bedroom furniture, ordered a new sectional and dresser, and got our second bedroom more set up to be a guest room/nursery. I’ve found myself googling how to remove stains from the stove top and figuring out how to bleach my bathtub? Things I’ve never thought or cared about before. Bless Ryan’s heart for just going along with it and helping move all the furniture where I wanted it lol love you Ry. We actually sold his truck too!! We loved that thing and would sleep in the back bed where he had built a custom queen size platform for our camping trips. It was a sad day, but it only had one row of seats aka not the best for fitting a baby car seat, and there are better things coming. ;)

Some beautiful things that happened during the second trimester were: our babymoon to Italy along the Amalfi Coast!! my baby shower!! (both blog post coming soon) and going through confirmation! I had been going to classes with Ryan as my sponsor the past year and was finally confirmed Catholic on Easter weekend! His mom and dad came out to be with us for the weekend since my mother-in-law was also one of my sponsors. Such a beautiful weekend and I’m so thankful to be able to bring this baby into a loving, supportive, Christian family as well as strengthen my relationship with God.

We found out around 24 weeks that baby boy was measuring big (already over 2 lbs!) so they moved up my due date by 8 days!! I didn’t know that was a thing this late in the game, but that would explain all the kicks and wiggles I’ve felt since about 14 weeks that have been getting stronger and stronger. Can’t wait to put a little face to all that movement :)

W O R K O U T S - -

I’m definitely more of a cautious pregnant person in terms of working out - listening to my body and cutting down the frequency/intensity of my previous workouts. I haven’t ran or jumped since being pregnant and I know that is totally a mental thing, but I prefer the stair master (said no one ever), the elliptical, and just walking outside on beautiful days for cardio. I’m rounding the second trimester out at gaining around 19 lbs so far. My weight gain has been very strange, just like the first trimester, I gained like 10 lbs in a matter of two weeks and then just kind of hung out there. The best thing about pregnancy so far.. letting the belly hang out with no cares.

End of first trimester (13 WEEKS) vs. end of second trimester (28 WEEKS)

End of first trimester (13 WEEKS) vs. end of second trimester (28 WEEKS)

C R A V I N G S - -

  • Gummy worms + gummy bears

  • Peanut butter + bananas

  • Fried rice + orange chicken

F A V O R I T E P R O D U C T S - -

I bit the bullet and started ordering maternity wear and let me tell you.. life changing. I thought I was going to be one of those mamas who would try to postpone the maternity clothes for as long as possible, but it just feel so much better with a few maternity staples. I’m also the type of person who can be in paradise and a little chilly, making me completely uncomfortable and miserable, so I should have known any inconvenience would annoy me. With that being said, I am only buying the bare minimum on a budget… leggings, one pair of jeans, a few dresses. Here are some of my favorite things that have gotten me through the growing bump so far:

Pregnant Mamas - what have been your favorite items during your pregnancy??

Thanks for checking in and looking forward to sharing more in the future.. can’t believe baby countdown is under 10 WEEKS!