Friday Date Night Vibes

Okay so I think the weekends are 100% the hardest time during a deployment!

I am always in the mood for the hubby to come home from work to start a happy hour at home before heading out to date night. The simplest things are the things I miss the most! Like being home together and waking up on the weekends, starting a pot of coffee, taking Franklin to run around on the beach... I swear we write about these moments in every single one of our emails to each other lol 

On that note... as mentioned in a post a little bit ago.. we are MOVING! 

Funny thing about the Navy, it does that too ya... move you just about every 2 years. Even though Ryan is gone, he has his orders in and

****drumroll please****

we will be moving to Monterey, California early Spring 2018! 

Super mixed emotions.. so sad to be leaving San Diego and all the beautiful people we have here, but also excited for new adventures and to have Ryan back! No deployments for the next two years <3 so we will be able to travel A LOT and explore Northern CA a bit! 

Hope you guys have a great weekend :) May crack into a bottle of wine with Franklin.. he counts as my date right??

Outfit details at the bottom :)


Dress: ASOS // 

Sunnies: Nordstrom x Givenchy //

Shoes: ??? So old I forget lol //