Does anyone else feel like this has been the LONGEST week ever? I literally thought today was Friday five different times today and then its ONLY WEDNESDAY. Over it. 

I'm getting excited for my parents to come to San Diego next week for Thanksgiving! We are going out to eat this year for the first time in my life I think haha and I'm actually really into it and NOT cooking. My husband is totally the chef in the family who loves to cook. The older I get the more I realize I don't really like cooking!! I stick to the same 5 meals pretty much lol and usually cook a big batch of food Sunday for the whole week, so I only have to cook once a week. I also hate to do the dishes so maybe that's it. 

Working on my holiday gift guides for you beautiful faces - hoping to be done by this week! 

Anyways.. how fun is this look! Details below :) 


- Sweatshirt: Target - 

(from last year - don't hate me but can't find it anywhere!) 

- Skirt: ASOS

- Boots: ASOS x Boohoo

- Glasses : Amazon

for $9 hahaha