The Best Jumpsuits for Spring + Update Pt. II

"Giving up is harder than trying"

New mantra for theglamgiraffe! The passion for starting this blog is like a perfect wave - some days it's crashing down and always in the back of my mind to just get something written down, and other times - perfectly calm when I don't really have anything to share. Always present and always there.



Still missing my San Diego blogging community SO MUCH, but I figured, why don't I reach out to local creatives and see what the deal is in Monterey! So I did. I joined a "meetup" blogger group, posted an ad for creatives on Craigslist, and messaged multiple photographers in the area to try and build a new community of likeminded people here in this beautiful part of the country.  If you are reading this and any of this applies to you (or doesn't) PLEASE reach out!! :)  

So thankful to have met St. Germain Photography who kicked off my first shoot in Monterey!  (Outfit below) And more to come ;)


for spring:

Totally ordering the yellow and orange jumpsuits above. We are traveling to the Bahamas this year and jumpsuits + rompers are so perfect for a beach coverup turned effortlessly chic.  Jumpsuits are the best when you don't want to pick out an outfit but still want to look cute! When you don't want to get out of your sweatpants but have those dinner plans... the chic pajama onesie.

Downsides to jumpsuits = bathroom breaks. 


- Jumpsuit: ASOS

- Heels: Lulu's -

(own these heels in three colors.. SO comfy)

Big thank you to St. Germain Photography for these photos :)