BOSS BABE INTERVIEW: Elwynn & Cass by Katelyn + Dona McCullough

Hope you guys had a better week than over here on my end. I've been feeling blehhhh and weird and going to blame it on the time change and darkness.. right? BUT the good news is that it is one week closer to having my husband home!! 

This Friday was in great need of some motivation.. and what better than to interview a BOSS BABE business, Elywnn + Cass, a beauty concierge service based in Solana Beach, CA. Basically a beauty matchmaker for anyone, anywhere, at anytime! This mom + daughter duo does it all - and they come straight to you! Check out their boss babe interview below: 

What was your inspiration for EC? 

The inspiration for Elwynn + Cass, came from personal experience and how my mother and I (co-founders) wanted beauty services to go. We just found that there was a lot of guesswork and stress in figuring out whom to go to for hair, makeup, etc. and not knowing if they were going to do a good job. We thought that having someone to go to who could handle all of the scheduling, billing, and match the artists best suited to us and to others, would be amazing and so needed. From there, EC was born.

Favorite beauty service to provide? 

Hair and makeup for sure, because it’s absolutely amazing how someone’s demeanor changes when they feel good. Hair and makeup just has a way of making you feel good and have this confidence that you can take on the world. It’s beautiful to watch individuals have these mini transformations.

One must-have beauty item you ALWAYS have on hand?

I always have chapstick in my purse. I am traditionally very simple with my every day makeup look, but if I had to wear one beauty item it would be mascara. Otherwise, skincare wise, would be a charcoal scrub. Seriously my skin is so smooth and clear because of it.

What is the hardest part of being a business owner?

I honestly love all of the good and the bad. The journey is the best part, but if I had to say one thing, it would be making sure your brand is presented in the best and most effective way (on social media). Your voice is so important and you just want to make sure that you are conveying it in the best possible way. Branding is everything. 

If you could describe Elwynn & Cass in 3 words, what would they be?

Personal, Unique, Attentive

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Thank you for your beauty, your light, and your INSPIRATION Katelyn & Dona!