Bahamas + I'm Back!

Alright peeps! I'm going to save you the sob story and just let you know I am RE-COMMITTED to theglamgiraffe after vacationing, job searching (I'll catch you guys up fully on this later), and getting settled in Monterey! So I'm back and ready to blast full speed more than ever. 

We spent 10 days of Ryan's "summer break" (he is getting his Master's degree) back in Maryland with our families and spent a beautiful week in the Bahamas 'MON! It was a miracle everyone was able to link up an entire week from their schedules and lives! Sydney, Ryan's middle sister, is studying at Georgetown and just took her board exams to become an official DOCTOR the week before... Ashlyn, Ryan's baby sister, just graduated from college and joined the Peace Corps, oh and moved to Tanzania, AFRICA a week after we got back. So yes, we had SO much to celebrate and take in! 

This was my THIRD trip with Ryan's family to the Abaco Islands and I can say each time gets better and better! We spend the week in an amazing home on the cliff of a private island going to different beach bars, trying their conch fritters and grabbers all day long. Doesn't suck right?? Some of my favorite pictures from the trip are below :) 

Fun fact: Ryan and I got engaged in the Bahamas on our last trip in 2014! It was so fun to see the exact pier and be back to where we went on our "date night" before hand :) Gooooooood times and the livin's easy ♡

PS - I linked almost all of my bathing suits

(which were ALL UNDER $20)

and outfit details HERE ♡