Bachelorette Black Dresses

Happpppy day friends! I recently got a request for an upcoming bachelorette party black dress - so I rounded up the hottest ones I could find! (I LOVE WHEN I GET REQUESTS BTW!) keep em comin ;)

It also brought me back to my own bachelorette party - 2015 in NEW YORK CITY.  

I still don't think I'm ready - exactly three years later this weekend - to go over all the details of that weekend LOL. I'll paint you the final day picture.. all of us (13 in a two bedroom flat in NYC  to be exact) slept in and missed our reserved soul cycle class big shocker right, me waking up hysterically crying that I lost my phone and all of my pictures from the weekend, screaming I wanted to be a skinny bride, and taking the subway (with no wallet, money, or phone) to the bronx to try and get my phone back. I'll spare you the rest of details, but I don't ever want to be the bride at a bachelorette party hahaha 

I did a "sequin" night where everyone wore something sequin obviously lol, and the classic white/black dress night! We also went to an all inclusive drag show - LUCKY CHENG's in NYC, bottomless brunch (duh), and an open-bar pole dancing class which was def harder than it looks. 

PS - the cab driver mailed me back my phone !!!! BLESS HIM

Let's get to the goods! I think all of these should be under $50 if I'm not mistaken! There are so many Memorial Day sales going on so it it an amazing time to get that perfect outfit or stock up on some things you've been eyeing! ASOS (my go-to) is having a 20% SALE OFF EVERYTHING with code: "SUNNYDAYS"




Enjoy! xx