Managing Phone Addiction

Phone addiction today is most definitely real.


I’m really about to show my age, but I didn’t get a smartphone until my junior year of COLLEGE. And actually didn’t get a Facebook page until my senior year in High School!! like what. Can you imagine today’s world where babies have their own instagram pages and kids have to deal with both high school drama and social media?? I mean high school is hard enough with bullies and drama and hormones then add watching parties you aren’t invited to on snapchat or getting 200 likes less than your friend? There is a whole new aspect to the mix.

Even as an adult, I find myself scrolling mindlessly when I’m supposed to be going to sleep,, and before I know it it’s two hours later and I’m in the profile of someone’s cousin’s little girl’s second birthday party from Australia.. HOW DID THIS HAPPEN!

When the iPhone update (maybe this isn’t new?) where it gives you your screen time analytics and settings came out, I immediately set up downtime and social media app limits. I was honestly disgusted on how I was averaging around 2.5 hours on social media apps per day…. sometimes FOUR HOURS! Just to set the record straight, I feel like I am a relatively busy person.. working full time, exercise 4-5x per week, try to do the blog on week nights, take care of our dog in the mornings and evenings (Ryan helps with Franklin a lot) and spend time with my husband and fam! There is SO MUCH I could do with that time I am wasting. It was a total wake up call to see those numbers and I knew immediately I had to change my habits.


I set my social networking app limit for 1 hour per day to start, and hoping to work my way down. The addiction is real y’all. This includes Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Messenger, etc.. all together. So far it has been great to have the limit to keep me knowledgeable about the amount of time I spend. It will give you a 5 minute “heads-up” until the limit is reached. I also have a specific 1 hour reminder on Instagram - where it tells me when I’ve spent an hour on Instagram alone. Unfortunately, this happens more often than not.

Here is a visual of the process of what happens when you reach your limit:

  1. It will fill your screen with an automatic notification.

  2. You can choose to “ignore limit” for 15 more minutes or the rest of the day

  3. If you ignore the limit, your social media app is still normal, if not, the app(s) that have reached the limit are greyed out. You can still access any app that is greyed out and choose to “ignore limit” at any time you want, for however long you want.

To update your phone settings, or just see your personal screen time analytics follow this path:

Settings > Screen Time > App Limits > Add Limit > Social Networking > *edit the amount of time you want

Overall - I’m glad I had the harsh realization of how much time I was spending on my phone every day so I could make the effort to change these habits. Nothing makes me feel worse than wasting time when I have stuff to get done and dreams to conquer! LOL - but seriously it makes me feel less of a slob knowing I’m under 1 hr (still want to be less than that ideally) than spending 4 hrs on social media in one day.

Hope you learned something from this post!

Now go outside and play ;)




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