Not going to lie - I've been procrastinating and putting off blogging and anything social media related since the new year. Trying to wrap my head around what just happened this past week.

Like I mentioned in my last post, I'm not super into "new year resolutions" or making drastic changes just because it's a new year, but already in this first week my life has already completely changed. 


Let me take it back to 2017 (lol) and how I got a majorrrrrrr case of food poisoning the night before we left to drive from San Diego to Monterey, an 8 hour drive... I was up until 4am on and off throwing up everything. I would not wish food poisoning on ANYONE.

So already we were off to a slow start for our trip - I literally couldn't even stand up out of bed, I had absolutely no energy. My angel of a husband did everything that morning like taking Franklin for a walk, packed up the car, and even dressed me just to get in the car. 


We had planned to stop in Santa Barbara for the night and go out to dinner // drinks // movie // something fun & explore. I slept pretty much the whole 6 hour drive there and got straight into our hotel room bed for the night. I had no energy to do anything and still couldn't eat anything except soup and gatorade that Ryan went and got me. We weren't able to do anything and I slept most of the night into the morning :/

The next day, New Year's Eve, we got up and I was finally able to get a smoothie that morning for the ride to Monterey. Ready to get to our destination, we took Route 1 up the coast for the views, Ryan's favorite part of the drive. If you've never drove up the pacific coast, the road is a 2 lane highway on the EDGE of the coastal mountains - like people die from falling off the edge of the road. Very winding and definitely more about the journey than arriving at your destination. Little did we know, they had shut down part of the highway (again - only two lanes) about 40 miles inland. Yep. We drove about an hour and a half into the coast to have to turn right back around, back to the highway through the winding roads. I threw up in my mouth multiple times. 


Another 6 hours later, we finally made it to Pebble Beach where we were house sitting for our amazing friends' who let us stay at their home. Drained from the ride up and still very little energy, we decided to take a walk around downtown Carmel (gorgeous) and pick up some food to bring home for dinner. For some reason, we always get rich Italian food for New Years Eve lol so that's exactly what we did. I had only had a smoothie that day and was finally getting back an appetite, ready for ALL THE pizza. 

We laid low the next few days in Monterey - mostly slept in a lot, made dinner at home, and watched movies. Really relaxing and just what I needed to get up energy back. We toured a lot of houses and weren't really excited about any (if you follow me in instagram @theglamgiraffe you saw the terrible houses and bathroom situations LOL). We had one more home we wanted to see, but it wasn't able to be shown until the 4th, but we were leaving the morning of the 3rd. Luckily they called us the night before (Jan 2nd) and said they could have someone there to show us that morning on the 3rd! We were so happy and had the car all packed to leave back to San Diego, stopping there on our way back down. 

And sure enough - we LOVED it! Really cute little house with 2 bedrooms, 2 car garage, real fireplace, outdoor patio that is less than a mile from the beach and about a mile from downtown Pacific Grove! It was the perfect location for us and the perfect size for our little fam. We decided to put in an application the next day home in San Diego and the very next morning they called us and said we were approved and we got the house!!


SO the only downside to that is that we had to sign the lease for Feb 1st instead of March 1st when Ryan would be able to move up, BUT it actually works out better because we are going to move up Feb 9th now, Ryan will be able to take about 10 days of leave, and then he will be up for good starting March 1st. I will be able to get everything situated and decorated while I'm there ;)

OH - I also quit my job this week. After a series of events that rubbed me the wrong way, both internally and externally with my company, I decided to put in my resignation - which also works out that we will be moving sooner rather than later now. 

So as you can see, it has been a rough // challenging // rewarding // exciting start to the new year and I am trying to accept all of the CHANGE that will be coming soon. Thank you for your support and I will do my best to keep you updated & not fall off the grid when I get overwhelmed :)


Thank you P33 Photography for these images :)


- Pants: Zara

on sale for $20

- Sweater: H&M -

- Shoes: Lulus -

got these in 3 colors...

- Bag: Chanel -