2 Year Anniversary <3

Andddd just like that we've been married for 2 years.


As always, these past two years have flown by, half because we've been apart for probably 50% of the time.. #militarylife (not an exaggeration) and half because it has been the best 2 years of my life (not an exaggeration either lol).

We have added our first fur-baby to our family, Franklin :), moved twice, and traveled to Hawaii, San Fran, & Mexico. We are currently undergoing our first deployment, growing both separately & together, and enjoying our time in beautiful San Diego. 

I've learned that you are a morning shower-er, don't like mushy carrots, and will always be an old soul who's perfect day includes watching the sunrise and sunset no matter what. You inspire me to see the world through your eyes: how you love everything outdoors & old-timey, talk to people purely to hear their story, and are always ready for another adventure. You are THE most hardworking person I know and I'm so thankful you know how to fix a water heater, (lol Christmas 2016) among just about everything else.

Thank you for being the ying to my yang. Thank you for loving me in (almost) every mood I'm in lol. Thank you for your trust and adventure. And most importantly, thank you for being my husband :)

Missing you more than ever,



Photography: Sarah Helen Martinez // Romper: Effin Shop