Back in Business


Totally took a "summer break" and getting back into blogging after a week and a half now, it feels good to be back. Quick update on what's been going on - my parents came back to San Diego with me and spent the week here for 4th of July for their vacation! They literally golfed everyday and I got semi back into my home routine....

When I got home from being gone 3 weeks, there were BUGS everywhere *VOMIT* so I had to call my landlord and get an exterminator out. Literally had to take every single thing out of my kitchen and bathroom (everything in the cabinets) and put it in bins in my bedroom. They came to spray the rooms and I had to be out of the house for 6 hours and keep everything in bins for 3 days. -_- NOT fun but it got the job done. UGH so that was a process hauling everything out and storing it away and I actually pulled a muscle in my back lololol of course right? 


Glad to be back in action and into my routine. I'm starting a new fitness program this week! Basically working on MACROS and lifting heavy // HIIT training 5x per week. We'll see how it goes, I'll do a post on everything! 

Also, don't mind the scary face-in-hole HAHA but I'm thinking about cutting my hair off!! AAHHH so nervous but excited! What do you guys think?? Going back and forth this whole week!