Okay so you guys know that we hosted Katie's Bachelorette party here in San Diego! I had so much fun scoping out spots and planning the perfect weekend for her and our ELEVEN girlfriends. Yes 11. And yes, we all crammed in my one-bedroom // one-bathroom shack haha literally so full and crazy but so much fun. We had blow up mattresses all in the living room, kitchen, AND my closet. Oh and someone slept in Franklin's dog bed.. LOL (cozy?) 

Here are some of the things we did for the weekend that I would totally recommend for a girl's night // bachelorette party // any good time!

1. THE BEACH: The first day we had like 4 different trips to the airport to make and people getting in a different times throughout the day so we decided to go to the beach and local bars to hang out while everyone got in. We went to mission / pacific beach and hung out at WAVE HOUSE for some drinks and nachos, but unfortunately the wave wasn't running so we couldn't watch anyone wipe out. 

2. BANG BANG: Sushi Downtown Gaslamp with a perfect atmosphere and bachelorette inspired bathroom, all covered in Ryan Gosling - swoon. We got a huge sushi boat which was great to split between all of us. Must-do for bachelorette parties!

3. HIKING: There are SO many hikes (of all levels) in San Diego and it is the perfect weather to get outside anytime of the year. My girls were coming from Maryland so they were loving the sunshine and the outdoors! We hiked Los Peñasquitos Canyon Preserve and it was pretty flat about 4-5 miles overall and a beautiful waterfall at the end! 

I also recommend Cowles Mountain if you’re looking for more of a challenge and to break a sweat. It’s about a 2 mile hike uphill (4 miles roundtrip) which takes you to the highest point in San Diego! Talk about VIEWS.

4. SUNSET PICTURES: We surprised Katie with a limo for the night we got all dressed up in our black // white dresses <3 and took it up to La Jolla shores for sunset pictures before going to dinner downtown and holy crap I think it was the best sunset there ever was in San Diego!

5. PACIFIC-BEACH BARS: Living in PB, we had to do the beach bars one night being so close. We pretty much went to PB Ale House, PB Shore Club, and The Local PB the whole night, ending with dancing at Local (always a must).

6. BOTTOMLESS MIMOSA BRUNCH: Definite must for any bachelorette party! We went to The Local PB where the food is also amazingggg. 

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