Sunny Side Up :)

HI Friends! So I am currently writing this post on a big old comforter sprawled out with the hubs and bubs (Ryan & Franklin lol) and life couldn't be any better than this moment :) Ryan got back from a 6-week underway and we both took the day off to do absolutely nothing!

I picked him up this morning at 7 am and we went straight to Fiesta Island for Franklin to get in his morning walk :) From there, PB Rum Jungle and got acai bowls to enjoy watching the ocean! Ryan was craving them he said haha. Check it out on insta HERE :)

We've been home napping & lounging & laying out in the sun all day talking and catching up. Planning on doing this the rest of the day (Ryan is currently taking his second nap) and going to get some drinks and Taco Tuesday tonight :)

Definitely not your typical Tuesday and totally enjoying days like these before.... the D word.

(deployment) *thumbs down*

Had so much fun shooting this look in Coronado right across from the beach! Literally these plants are someone's ocean-front sidewalk yard we hijacked for the perfect backdrop ;)

Link to outfit below! 



Jeans: ASOS <-- great pair of TALL jeans!

Shoes: Target (old)

Clutch: Target (old)

Sunnies: Franchesca's

Necklace: Franchesca's