5 Reasons WHY I Started A Blog

So really wanted to write this for myself as a reminder as to WHY I started a blog, theglamgiraffe. Here's a little word vomit for your Wednesday afternoon. 


  1. I've always looked up to people // other bloggers who are very open about their life and share experiences + advice with others & decided I wanted to start!
  2. In the past five years, I have tried to start a lot of different blogs (various names) and finally told myself: JUST DO IT. 

  3. As a Navy wife, we will be moving just about every two years. This is going to make it hard to go from job to job and I don't really want to work a 9-5 desk job. So in a perfect world, being a full-time blogger would be the DREAM. Working my own hours, for myself, from anywhere we end up living. #goals
  4.  I want to share my life with YOU! If that is a new recipe, an outfit idea, or life hack from theglamgiraffe, it brings me so much joy to know you leaned it here and to be a positive influence! We all need that once in a while. 

  5. I'm BORED. Straight up. I was working three jobs and getting my masters degree and now that I graduated with an MBA, I need something to do and put energy towards! Starting with this being a little something productive as a hobby of mine. 

Keep on doin' you, boo.