Hello hello hello friends. So I have been documenting my 7 day detox from the planning thought stages HERE and every day throughout the process for the last week. 

Before we get started let me say I am NO nutritionalist!! Just trying to eat and feel healthier and nourish this body of mine. 

My goals were to: 

  • Drink 3 liters of water each day (3 smart water bottles)
  • Minimal processed food & ingredients: no dairy, grains, meat, etc.. (lots of fruits // veggies // eggs // nuts) 
  • FEEL better <--- biggest goal 

I definitely have not been feeling my best lately. I am not getting the results I feel like I should be getting and that is 100% due to my diet ((eating and drinking whatever I want)) So with Ryan being underway / gone for work for 7 days, I thought of no better time than to re-charge and get back on track. 


So I went to the grocery store the day before I started, Thursday and stocked up on basically all fruits and veggies. My grocery list looked like this: 


I am totally feeling not on my game so I'm hoping to get revived // motivated to make a change and get back at it! I have SO many plans coming up and want to feel my best with no RA-grets.

DAY 0: 

FRIDAY - So Ryan unexpectedly got one more night at home (yay!!) so we decided to go out on the boat on a beautiful San Diego day and rode around the bay all afternoon in the sun. Fortunately, Ryan was supportive of my "detox" lol but I may or may not have had some wine.. :D

x Breakfast = PB Protein Smoothie
x Lunch = Oil & Vinegar Avocado Salad
x Snack = Clementine & Cashews // Guacamole & Peppers (and 2 glasses of wine oops)
x Dinner = Roasted Veggies with mustard

Total Calories ≈ 1500 (not including the wine)

*wanted to just say that I had packed all sorts of snacks for the boat like CHEESE and crackers and still kept strong when Ryan had those!! go me. AND Ry ordered a bacon cheeseburger drooling for dinner (gotta love Postmates) and I still roasted my good ol' veggies.... ugh

DAY 1: 

SATURDAY - Ryan left first thing in the morning for the week :( Franklin and I stayed in bed and then I got up for the day ahead. Was running around running errands after an appointment and had to break into my emergency purse stash. So happy there are products with minimal processed ingredients out there! Found it pretty easy to stay on track today.

x Breakfast = PB protein smoothie
x Lunch = Oil & vinegar avocado salad w/ egg whites & two clementines
x Snack = KIND honey mustard bar & guacamole w/ peppers
x Dinner = Roasted veggies w/ mustard
x Dessert = Greek yogurt, honey, blueberries

Total Calories ≈ 1500

KIND Bar on the go

KIND Bar on the go

DAY 2: 

SUNDAY - Got up and ran with Franklin, trying to prepare for the half marathon this Sunday! HELP and then pretty much relaxed the rest of the day. I had a closet appointment at 2 and after that it was raining so I literally was in bed around 7 pm *Netflix and Chill* and it felt so right <3 Wasn't really super hungry throughout the day so that was nice!

x Breakfast = PB protein smoothie
x Lunch = Roasted potatoes and green beans w/ mustard
x Snack = Honey crisp apple & almond butter
x Dinner = Zucchini pasta
x Dessert = Avocado chocolate pudding

Total Calories ≈ 1600

DAY 3: 

MONDAY - I don't know why but today I felt so drained and super low-energy. I was going to do legs today but took a rest day instead, just walked Franklin and taught Barre in the evening. I haven't been drinking coffee during this "detox" so maybe it's just hitting me now? Also, I feel like I CAN'T get full this entire day. I'm eating everything and REALLY craving cheese and crackers and carbs. Good thing I have none of those things in my house at the moment. BOO YOU WHORE.

x Breakfast = Berry smoothie
x Lunch = Oil & vinegar avocado salad w/ egg whites
x Snack = Honey crisp apple & peanut butter // blueberries & cashews
x Dinner = Zucchini pasta
x Dessert = Avocado chocolate pudding 

Total Calories ≈ 1400

DAY 4: 

TUESDAY - Taught my bootcamp class in the morning and met a client afterwards. Started running errands. Wasn't tooo hungry today which was a nice change.

x Breakfast = PB protein smoothie
x Lunch = Oil & vinegar avocado salad w/ egg whites
x Snack = Two clementines
x Dinner = Zucchini pasta
x Dessert = Avocado chocolate pudding

Total Calories ≈ 1600

Oil &amp; Vinegar avocado salad

Oil & Vinegar avocado salad

DAY 5: 

WEDNESDAY - Franklin and I had a running date with our good friend, Lisa :) We went up to Del Mar dog beach and Franklin met his perfect match, a ridgeback the same size and age as him, just in girl form! They were so cute and he was in dog love. He played for a while then we ran around Del Mar on the beach for about five and a half miles! It was a gorgeous day and so good to catch up with Navy friends <3 I was feeling restless in the evening so went to a slow-flow yoga class at Bird Rock Yoga. Felt sooo good. 

x Breakfast = Berry smoothie
x Lunch = Kale and egg white scramble w/ avocado
x Snack = three clementines
x Dinner = Roasted veggies w/ mustard
x Dessert = Almond butter

Total Calories ≈ 1300

DAY 6: 

THURSDAY - I teach a bootcamp class every Tuesday/Thursday and 30 minutes of abs Thursday at La Jolla Sports Club :) This is my absolute favorite class because of my participants! They are so loyal and come every single week :) and work SO hard. Trying to push them past their limits each week is a challenge but I love it :) I cleaned the house ALL day getting ready for my man to come home and Sydney (sister-in-law) to visit this weekend!! :D  Was totally craving a burger the entire day...

x Breakfast = Sunshine smoothie
x Lunch = Oil & Vinegar Avocado Salad w/ sunflower seeds
x Snack = Guacamole & roasted potatoes  
x Dinner = Kale and egg white scramble w/ sweet potato
x Dessert = Almond butter

Total Calories ≈ 1600

Kale &amp; egg white scramble w/ sweet potato

Kale & egg white scramble w/ sweet potato

DAY 7: 

FRIDAY - Took a SPARKCYCLE class first thing in the morning - omg so good. And did Kayla BBG Week9 arms after *death* and other arm exercises until I couldn't lift my arms anymore. Went to get my nails done and get some groceries for the weekend (champagne). Ryan comes home tonight and Syd gets in first thing in the morning! Let the festivities begin!!

x Breakfast = Berry smoothie
x Lunch = Kale and egg white scramble w/ sweet potato and half an avocado
x Snack = Honeycrisp apple
x Dinner = ?? may go out and celebrate the hubby is home :D



So I woke up this morning and felt AMAZING. It really hit me exactly one week and I feel like I have SO much more energy!! I'm used to sleeping like 8 or 9 hours a night and feeling tired when I wake up STILL (we go to bed really early lol) and lately I've been staying up later and waking up earlier with no alarm clock feeling alive and refreshed! I can't really explain it other than not feeling tired all the time which is a huge plus, I hate that feeling.


I wasn't worried about calories/carbs/sugars this week, just whole-natural ingredients and eating when my body told me to. But I seriously feel sooo great. I literally ate a ton of carbs (usually try to stay low-carb) but I realized THIS is what my body needs - I work out so much and do a lot of cardio (half-marathon this weekend) so my body NEEDS carbs. I think this is part of why I was always feeling tired before. I had a few cravings throughout the week for avocado toast, crackers, and a big juicy burger lol but I held off and ate my kale salad.. whomp whomp whomp. BUT I am really proud I stuck with it to the end and ate when I felt hungry vs. just because it was time. I lost about 3 lbs (not the goal) but I'll take it! I am going to add small portions of lean proteins when I crave them back into my meals (black beans, salmon, shrimp, chicken, tuna) and that will help increase my protein obviously. OH and my skin has cleared up and felt really fresh at the end of the week! Totally a believer that "you are what you eat."

Overall feeling really positive and feeling like this is do-able again as a lifestyle adjustment and really focusing on fruits and vegetables first. 

Detox.. before // after one week

Detox.. before // after one week

Anything else you wanna know?? Are you up for the whole-food 7 day detox challenge? ;)

Stay Happy and Healthy friends! :)