Pity Party

So I have totally thought of countless blog posts I've been wanting to do and can't seem to find the words // motivation // inspiration to bring them out. I'm having a pity party for myself because Ry guy has left for six weeks :( It's been less than half a week and it feels like it's been three weeks. It's really not that bad in #navywife life but it's making me think about deployment coming up... eight. fing. months. Not fun. 

I always go in robot-hibernation mode for the first couple of days after he leaves and binge watch a show so I'm thinking about someone else's life other than my own.. now re-watching all of gossip girl and laughing at the EnV and chocolate phones all the cool kids use HAHA omg I was obsessed with my env...

Now that I'm over myself and over my party - I'm focusing on some AMAZING things coming up and the people in my life that I'm so very thankful for to get through deployment. Next up... Katie's BACHELORETTE party in SAN DIEGO @#@($#@)&$(#@ !!!! 11 of my girlfriends coming and staying at my house and taking on SANDIEGO :D I'm sooo excited to show my girls around!! (but not about sharing one bathroom) LOL help us. Blog post to come about how to do a San Diego Bachelorette right!! ;)