How I lost the last 10 lbs

<< How I lost the last 10 pounds by working out LESS and eating MORE >>


Happy almost New Year! Cheers to you babes and to 2018! I have been chillin' with my little family (Ryan and Franklin) and enjoying our time together while Ryan is on leave for a few weeks. We are going up to Monterey to house hunt and to ring in the New Year tomorrow :) 

In light of the New Year and those "healthy resolutions" I thought this post would fit nicely. I'm not so much a big "resolution" person but I do love the New Year feeling and setting new goals. 


If you're like me, you have those pesky 5-10 pounds that you are trying to get rid of and tone up. It really isn't about the numbers on the scale, but how you feel and how your clothes fit. Totally in a different mindset and mental place for me when I am happy in my skin and clothing! 

I've been active pretty much my whole life. I gained the freshmen 15+, then lost A LOT of weight by over-exercising and under-eating in college :( and now I'm kind of at a good place with my body (and mind). After getting married I did gain some wine-every-night-dessert-after-dinner-why-not weight ... that's a thing right? Lol but I'm also always on the hunt for what works for ME best. 

And I think I've found it. 

For now....

I used to be the girl that worked out for 2+ hours a day and never went in the weight room, wasting away on cardio machines and ellipticals, mindlessly flipping through magazines. 

NOW I hardly ever spend more than an hour at the gym - only 20 minutes MAX of cardio about 2-3 days a week! I work on one muscle group a day and have seen SO much more progress when concentrating on one area. You can read so many studies and people's stories of how they started weight training and decreasing cardio.. but if you've never tried it before, it's scary. To try something new thinking, "what if it doesn't work and I just gain more weight??" When Ryan left for deployment, I started seriously weight training and working on my nutrition - which was actually eating MORE than I was before. 


Basically my weekly schedule looks like this:

Monday: Quads & Calves + Abs
Tuesday: Shoulders + Cardio
Wednesday: Back & Chest + Abs
Thursday: Biceps & Triceps + Cardio
Friday: Glutes & Hamstrings + Abs

For ABS, I pick 5-6 exercises and do 20 reps x 3 sets! Super quick and killer. 

For cardio, I started doing interval training using the treadmill or stair-master which looks like this: 

5 MIN: Warm Up - easy pace
10 MIN: 40 seconds on - sprint pace // 20 seconds off - slow pace
5 MIN: Cool Down - easy pace

It's important to SPRINT like all out (I am usually on level 9.5+ on the treadmill) for all 40 seconds then jump off to the side for the rest period. I crank up the stair-master to level 14+ on the high interval set. 

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