Okay. So I need to tell you guys this. I'm a Halloween // scary-movie // fall everything fiend ;)

Growing up, my dad literally took off work to prepare our house & garage for a WALK-THROUGH haunted house every year. We were known as the "halloween house" and the whole neighborhood had to go through. Grown-ups (lol) wouldn't even go in!! And kids would run out screaming dropping their candy everywhere hahaha he still does it and has his GROWN friends dress up and scare kids to this day lololol.

pineapple jackolantern

He would come and tuck me in goodnight in the scary masks around Halloween... SO to say I grew up around 'scary stuff' would be an understatement.

Last year Ryan and I had such a halloween party at our little home in pacific beach :) Ryan INSISTED on being Velma from Scooby-Doo hahaha so I was Shaggy....

Franklin ((Scooby-Doo)) was the star of the party ;)

Some of my other favorite costumes have been... 


(I mean duh)

GROUP: Different Seasons

College times circa 2013

We got Valentine's Day - New Years Eve - Thanksgiving - Mardi Gras - Cinco De Mayo (LOL?) -

4th of July (me) - Christmas!!


dalmation and firefighter

HOLY THROWBACK Circa 2011 - I was a sophomore in college? And Ryan had came to visit me in North Carolina (from Annapolis, MD) for the weekend.


What are you guys being this year? I've got my outfits planned out for once lol sometimes I'm super into it - other years I'm like MEH. This year is a go for me. 

BUT if you need some last-minute Halloween inspo, check out some cute things (I mean scary things) I found below. 


You could totally add some skull makeup to the first jumper for a skelly-look. Little Mermaid with the red hair? Add a LBD (little black dress) with the choker and some vampire teeth and there ya go ;) 


Keep on creepin' babes - cheers!