Franklin the Ridgeback :)

As you guys know, Franklin is our puppy dog, a Rhodesian Ridgeback, and the light of my life haha but really. I love him so much and he hangs out with me all day long. Total life goal of being a retired stay at home dog mom.... 

Anyways, when we first got him at 4 months, he had every toy in the world and would go for MY shoes.....


So I was at the dog park one day explaining that he keeps chewing shoes and he would be so sneaky like right when I would get in the shower he would go grab them!! Little punk lol and the lady said her dog did the same exact thing until one day she did this.... and if you are having the same puppy problem it will change your life forever. #bless

Punish the SHOE, not the DOG. 

Yes, I know it sounds crazy, and it kind of is, but it WORKS. I went home and waited until he grabbed my favorite pair of Nike's and sprinted over, grabbed the shoe, and started beating it on the ground and yelling at it LOL not touching him at all but going crazy on this damn shoe hahaha. 

OMG. I've never seen him so petrified and he immediately started to try and calm me down and give me puppy kisses with sad ears haha. I was kind of scared of myself, not gonna lie. 

And yes, I did this maybe 1 or 2 more times when he went for a shoe (or sock) and that was the last of it....! It worked! We can now leave out shoes, socks, clothes, anything, and he doesn't get into it or try to chew it up, just his toys. 

So if you are going through puppy vs. shoe issues, try it! It changed our life for the better and now back to loving on the pup :) 

My Loves <3

My Loves <3