Back At It

I am so inspired by real bloggers who write every week and can keep up with it! Blogging is hard.. even for the fake bloggers (me) lol

I guess there's no easy way to ease back / start blogging, but here it goes...

My name is Rachel Dishman. I'm 23 years old living in sunny San Diego, California about to turn 24 which makes me think what the heck am I doing with my life or what do I WANT to do?  I have a wonderful husband, Ryan, and our puppy, Franklin the Rhodesian Ridgeback. #FranklinTheRidgeback 

I love my husband and being married - for one year now!! It's almost like I've dreamed of being on my own and responsible for someone and our little four-legged baby forever and now I finally have it. I love living together and having our own things and doing WHATEVER we want! The other day Ryan and I stayed up past midnight watching Game of Thrones and drinking wine on a Wednesday! Crazy, I know. Even the simplest of things is the most fun with the hubs, like running errands and getting coffee :) 

Right now I'm deciding to do more things that take me out of my comfort zone, exhibit A, starting to write this blog again. My goal is for one person to read one experience of mine, and it will make their life better :) Let me know if you're that person


Rach X