Starting Fresh.

Most do not get an opportunity to. 

Most can't imagine packing and moving across the country.

Most have schedules, careers, and family to abide to. 

Being a military child growing up and moving across the country multiple times, this was my norm. A different middle school every year and adapting the name "new kid" rather than my own. It is hard, but tolerable and almost exciting. 

I am definitely not complaining or requesting pity, I had an amazing childhood; growing up on the beach in Hawaii, and getting to spend 10 years in one place in Maryland to start a community and life-long friendships.  I couldn't have asked for more!

Did it make me who I am today? 100% yes.
Independent, self-sufficient, pro-active, and up for a challenge. 

And then I fell in love. 

With a NAVY man.. 

Long story short we are in an arranged marriage (lol).
His parents + my parents = family friends before we were born. 

And we got married! July 18, 2015

Naval Academy - July 18, 2015

And I moved to San Diego, CA from Baltimore, MD directly from our honeymoon.
I know what you're thinking; Hawaii, San Diego, tough life....
Leaving my friends, parents, in-law family, job, schedule.. it was drastic!

Adjusting is a little harder than I thought now as an "adult." 

New home. 
New home decor (fun part).
New schedules.
New friends.
New favorite spots.
New jobs.

The list continues... 

But it's AWESOME at the same time! I can basically "re-create" myself - what do I want to do on Wednesday mornings or Monday nights? I've been taking time to think about what I "really want" to do and who I want to be. The best part? Waking up to Ryan every Tuesday morning creating our life together and knowing everything will work out no matter what.

Join me on my crazy path of marriage, military life, fitness-crazed, and endless learning; this thing called life. 

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