Bachelorette Black Dresses

Happpppy day friends! I recently got a request for an upcoming bachelorette party black dress - so I rounded up the hottest ones I could find! (I LOVE WHEN I GET REQUESTS BTW!) keep em comin ;)

It also brought me back to my own bachelorette party - 2015 in NEW YORK CITY.  

I still don't think I'm ready - exactly three years later this weekend - to go over all the details of that weekend LOL. I'll paint you the final day picture.. all of us (13 in a two bedroom flat in NYC  to be exact) slept in and missed our reserved soul cycle class big shocker right, me waking up hysterically crying that I lost my phone and all of my pictures from the weekend, screaming I wanted to be a skinny bride, and taking the subway (with no wallet, money, or phone) to the bronx to try and get my phone back. I'll spare you the rest of details, but I don't ever want to be the bride at a bachelorette party hahaha 

I did a "sequin" night where everyone wore something sequin obviously lol, and the classic white/black dress night! We also went to an all inclusive drag show - LUCKY CHENG's in NYC, bottomless brunch (duh), and an open-bar pole dancing class which was def harder than it looks. 

PS - the cab driver mailed me back my phone !!!! BLESS HIM

Let's get to the goods! I think all of these should be under $50 if I'm not mistaken! There are so many Memorial Day sales going on so it it an amazing time to get that perfect outfit or stock up on some things you've been eyeing! ASOS (my go-to) is having a 20% SALE OFF EVERYTHING with code: "SUNNYDAYS"




Enjoy! xx

Fun Pants Friday

Happy *almost* Friday peeps. I'm always nicer when I like my outfit.. and comfortable! And I don't know how people can live in jeans?? I haven't found a pair that are chill-on-the-couch worthy - is that even possible? SO I thrive in leggings, dresses, and FUN PANTS. I feel like pants are very underrated lately. You can totally dress them up with heels and a nice top or blazer or dress them down with sneakers and a graphic tee! OR even throw them over a swimsuit and you have a freakin' two piece. Options are endless.

I stayed up way too late finding fun pants for you -


Enjoy :)


Let's get to the goods: (all under $50!!)

Remember! Just click on the photo to take you to the exact shopping landing page :)



- Pants: Boohoo

- Sweater: Target (old - similar here) - 

- Shoes: Target

- Bag: Chanel - 

5 Ways You Can Save Big When Furnishing Your Home

Okay so if you are anything like me, you are the biggest homebody. I say I love to travel (and I DO love going new places and trying new things) but I loveeee being home and being cozy. If my space isn't organized, my mind isn't organized and I feel like I'm all over the place in life in general lol. I seriously envy people who can live in a mess and could care less about organization and having things put where they belong because I CANNOT FUNCTION. 


Add being a military wife and moving around every few years to the mix... gooddddd times trying to find that new perfect "space" and feeling like everything has its place. Have you seen our new home reveal! If not feel free to check it out here :)

Back to the point of this post... when we moved from San Diego we really didn't have a whole lot of anything and almost no furniture, so we bought everything out here in Monterey! This was both bad and good - bad because we had no furniture (duh) and furniture is EXPENSIVE.... but good because we (I) could really buy things that went perfectly in our new house and actually tried to design a space that all went well together! PROPS to interior designers.. what a skill you have! I definitely did not think it was going to be as hard as it was to put furniture together and have it somewhat work and look cute, but that is HARD WORK. Don't even want to go into how many things we (I) had to return after ordering them online, then seeing them in person.. sorry Ryan. 


Ok now SERIOUSLY the point of this post.. 




This should be your GO-TO! Almost every company has a "first order" or "email subscription" coupon code if you sign up for their emails! When you're buying furniture, 10% can equate to some big savings and you can always unsubscribe later (just sayin). I bought our coffee table, side table, and a bunch of pillows from World Market that came out to be like over $500, BUT they had a promotion going on for rewards members (free to signup) that you got 30% off of $300 or more, so I was able to save literally $150 for just using their rewards system!! Can't beat that!



So I got this hack from one of my favorite home improvement bloggers - @chrislovesjulia - and have to say, I was hesitant to try it out. Basically, you buy a coupon on eBay from someone to use as a coupon code when checking out. Yes, I know there are some risks to this option, but very high reward! For example, I bought a $4 coupon on eBay, but saved over $90 when I used it for our big purchase like our sofa and headboard!! Just do your research and make sure the coupon seems legit - like no "first purchase only" or "expired date"! 



I am a BELIEVER of the facebook marketplace and craigslist finds when you are ballin' on a budget.. In San Diego, I literally sold all of our furniture on facebook marketplace! I guess it depends on your surrounding demographics, but in San Diego people used it all the time! I probably made $2000 over selling our belongings before moving, which helped a lot when buying our new stuff. One of my FAVORITE pieces of furniture we own is my dresser - 100% wood, big drawers, redone, all for ONLY $100!!! I found in on fbook marketplace out here and Ryan and I picked it up the very same day! OH and we also got our piano from there for $100 as well!!! Yes there are random fake Louis Vutton and Michael Kors bags there, but sometimes some really amazing finds. Oh and don't forget to try and haggle a little ;) 



In college, I found an old wood bedroom set at a garage sale and bought a tall dresser, vanity dresser, two nightstands, and a headboard set for $50. Solid wood. That summer, my mom and I sanded it down and painted it - a really beautiful light blue color and I distressed it by hand! Seriously my favorite furniture I've ever owned because of all the work we put into it (mostly my MOM!) but it was so perfect! When I moved from Baltimore to San Diego, I gave it to my sis-in-law who has it all at this very moment in Georgetown :) 


If you can't get that dream sofa or dining room set right now, just update the accessories! Similar to that dress in the back of your closet, all it may need is some new light! Like throw pillows, bedding, rugs, lamps, chairs - basically just take a trip to Home Goods. Something that really helped me bring all my ideas into one place, was to pick out a palette of colors I wanted to use! I literally just went to home depot and put together random paint swatches (weirdo), and went from there in terms of colors and the vibe I was going for! 


Hope you learned something from this post! Until next time :)