designed by Sharlene Borromeo


What is your INSPIRATION?

Adoreus is a plus size brand inspired by a women’s curves and diversity in general! I am a very “black or white” person, no in between, do it all or nothing kind of person and like to have that sense of division in my pieces.

Favorite item of the collection?

I found this beautiful print of a black and white face silhouette with a bold red lip, which pretty much sums up my personal style. Fell instantly in love and had to make it into a skirt.


Must-have item in your closet?

My total go-to has to be a black dress with a RED lip.

Hardest part about being a designer?

Being a designer that embraces diversity, it’s challenging to fit every body type and dimension. Someone may have a longer torso or longer legs and designing the same piece obviously wouldn’t fit for both of them.