The Best Jumpsuits for Spring + Update Pt. II

"Giving up is harder than trying"

New mantra for theglamgiraffe! The passion for starting this blog is like a perfect wave - some days it's crashing down and always in the back of my mind to just get something written down, and other times - perfectly calm when I don't really have anything to share. Always present and always there.



Still missing my San Diego blogging community SO MUCH, but I figured, why don't I reach out to local creatives and see what the deal is in Monterey! So I did. I joined a "meetup" blogger group, posted an ad for creatives on Craigslist, and messaged multiple photographers in the area to try and build a new community of likeminded people here in this beautiful part of the country.  If you are reading this and any of this applies to you (or doesn't) PLEASE reach out!! :)  

So thankful to have met St. Germain Photography who kicked off my first shoot in Monterey!  (Outfit below) And more to come ;)


for spring:

Totally ordering the yellow and orange jumpsuits above. We are traveling to the Bahamas this year and jumpsuits + rompers are so perfect for a beach coverup turned effortlessly chic.  Jumpsuits are the best when you don't want to pick out an outfit but still want to look cute! When you don't want to get out of your sweatpants but have those dinner plans... the chic pajama onesie.

Downsides to jumpsuits = bathroom breaks. 


- Jumpsuit: ASOS

- Heels: Lulu's -

(own these heels in three colors.. SO comfy)

Big thank you to St. Germain Photography for these photos :) 

New Home Reveal + Update Pt. I


I've been WAY off my blogging game because I've been consumed with furnishing our home and getting settled here in Monterey, bascially getting my life back together. 

When we moved we sold everything... and I mean everything.

We had no living room furniture, no dining room furniture, no master bedroom furniture, nada. 99% of what you see in these pictures we got while in Monterey this past month! I have to give MAJOR props to interior designers.. I did not know what I was getting myself into. 

We returned a whole dining room set, I think [five??] different rugs, four different chairs, SEVEN sets of curtains (I wanted options you know?) and countless decorations that didn't feel right. I'm exhausted just writing it, but kept telling Ryan I wasn't going to settle now that I committed to furnishing our place.. he already knows I'm psycho. 

And I'm glad I didn't. We love our new home in Pacific Grove β™‘ and I'm pretty proud of how our space turned out :) Let me know what you think! 

Living Room


Blue Velvet Couch: Wayfair
Leather Loveseat: Amazon
Coffee Table: World Market
Side Table: World Market
Area Rug 9x12: Amazon
Banana Leaf Plant: Amazon
Standing Lamp: Amazon
Throw Pillows: World Market - Herringbone - Blush Velvet - Faux Fur - Macrame
Baskets: World Market - Large Seagrass Basket - Basket for Plant -
Piano: Facebook Marketplace for $100!! Just had to pick it up and transport ourselves :D
Piano Bench: Home Goods

Total Spent: UNDER $1500

This room is our happy place. I was obsessed with the blue velvet sofa look and that is pretty much the first piece we got and based the whole room around. We found the piano on Facebook Marketplace for $100 and I couldn't be more in love with it. I took piano lessons when I was little, and now reteaching myself! I am falling more and more in love with playing. 

Kitchen + Dining Room

Dining Table: Macy's
Dining Chairs: Amazon
Hanging Planter: Amazon
Faux Cowhide 6x8 Rug: World Market
Kitchen Rug 3x5: World Market

Total Spent: Under $1000

Master Bedroom


Headboard: Wayfair (comes with headboard ONLY)
Basket: Target
Area Rug 8x11: Amazon
Throw Pillows: Home Goods
Dresser: Facebook Marketplace!! Found this solid wood piece someone had just re-finished for $100! 

Total Spent: Under $1000

The first thing we bought was our king bed haha we couldn't wait to finally have space for a KING! I have no idea how we all fit in a Queen bed.. yes Franklin sleeps with us. We are NOT small people (Ryan is 6.3 and I'm 5.10) and then throw our 90+ pound dog into the mix... no space at all LOL.  I actually bought this rug for the living room and the living room rug for the bedroom, but they both looked WAY better swapped around! 

Guest Bedroom


Area Rug 6.7x9: Wayfair

This was our old bedroom set which we loved! Can't imagine going back to a Queen bed after having a King now though ;)



Since this is our one and only tiny bathroom, we needed as much storage as we could get and added a lighter shower curtain to open up the space! Even though it's small, I'm so happy it is updated.. you should have seen some of the bathrooms we looked at when house hunting..... HELP! 


One of my favorite details of our home.. we have kept a "guest book" for everyone who has came and visited us since we've been married since 2015! So fun to look back on all the great memories and visits :) Our doors are open so if you want to come see Monterey, stop on by and come sign our guest book! :D 


 How to furnish your home when you're ballin' on a budget.

Sharing all of my tips and tricks!


Moving Diary: San Diego -> Monterey 2018

Wow.. It's been a while. 

Not going to lie - moving SUCKS

If you don't know, we recently moved from San Diego to Monterey, California (Pacific Grove in particular) for Ryan's career in the Navy. 

As much as I'm aware of how amazing that sounds and how gorgeous Monterey is.. like what kind of life is this .. moving from San Diego to Monterey - tough, right? And we have an amazing home walking distance to the beach where Franklin can run around and play, walking distance to the little down for dinner or coffee.. it is most definitely amazing and I am not taking for granted any of these blessings. β™‘

It still has been hard.  

We were so excited about moving and having a new home, area to explore, opportunities, etc.. it didn't really hit me we were leaving behind our first place as a married couple, our amazing friends we've made for the past 5+ years, the blogging community I was a part of, WARM weather year-round, and our routine in San Diego. 

It has been GO-GO-GO and we've had so much to look forward to with the move, once things have slowed down and I'm here in Monterey alone, (Ryan had to go back to SD to finish out his job until the end of the month) I've had time to think and reflect and feel sad. My sadness turns into completely shutting down and losing interest in things I love the most.. like working out, or blogging, or exploring the area.

No one talks about the challenges of moving around every 2-3 years with the military, like leaving behind the community, friends, family, support system you've had. And I'm not looking for sympathy or a pep-talk β™‘ just bringing awareness, and sharing some things that bring me out of the funk and to stop feeling sorry for myself - to get back to finding what makes me happy in this beautiful new area.

Some things that have helped me adjust to a new area:

1. Write down one thing you're thankful for every day

This has been a "New Year's Resolution" for me to start writing down one thing I am thankful for everyday.. no matter how big or small. I can be a pretty pessimistic person at times - so looking at the good helps SO MUCH. Mindset is everything. (Ryan is my balance for always being positive and optimistic NO MATTER WHAT) lol I love him. 

2. Walk or ride bikes to explore your new town


Finding hidden treasures and local spots are so fun to me! Get to know your town and finding your "special spot" will bring more attraction and connection to the area. 

3. Find your favorite coffee shop

What feels better than walking in and the baristas knowing your name? Or in this case, they know Franklin's name lol

4. Talk to the locals! 


If I've learned anything about moving, it's how I want to treat other people and help anyone else going through change with whatever I can. A little kindness goes a LONG way for someone who moved to an area knowing no one else. 

5. Call your mom

Love you mom β™‘



No dog? Get one. 

7. Light a candle / diffuse oils

Something so calming and so simple, it almost instantly puts me in a better mood. 

8. Buy fresh flowers

Similar to candles, a little goes a long way! Ryan continues to surprise me with fresh flowers when I need them most :) He had a bouquet delivered on Valentine's Day in the midst of moving all day & after going to pick up a dresser an hour away - completely surprising me, even after we agreed on not worrying about anything for VDAY this year! xx

9. Take advantage of "first class free" at studios!

Most gyms have a "free week" trial too! Go to a different place each week to prolong your gym membership if ya know what I mean lol

10. Go outside everyday

I'm guilty of not wanting to get out of bed on a cold, rainy day and choosing Netflix binging over anything else, but getting up and out does wonders.. also have Franklin to thank for taking ME for walks ha!

I end this post not in sadness, but in hope and happiness.. and some cheesy Pinterest quotes ;)

Reminding myself: change is good.